Top 5 Dad Shoes of 2018 - for Father's Day

Whether you think that the dad shoe trend “must die” or that it is the perfect blend of style and comfort, there is no denying that the chunky, cult shoe is here to stay. In honor of Father’s Day, we at Reshoevn8r have assembled some of the best Dad Shoes of 2018 – that even your father may approve of.


Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner

Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner


Officially Kanye West’s interpretation of the dad shoe.

Dad Approved: The Yeezy Wave Runner’s large boosted sole perfect for a comfortable speed walk around the neighborhood, and the colors “would go perfect with my gray cargo shorts.”

Not Dad Approved: The Yeezy hype and the mainstream status that has taken over the shoe in the fashion world, “You don’t need to wear what all the cool kids are wearing just to be cool.”


Dior Homme B22 Trainer

Dior Homme Trainers


The couture fashion house of Dior, released its own version of the bulky, 90s sneaker earlier this year.

Dad Approved: Not as bold and outrageous as some of the other varieties, this runner provides an easy way to dip your toe into the world of the “dad shoe.”

Not Dad Approved: Its $1000 price tag, “Do you have a coupon for that?”


Asics Gel-Burz 1 Kiko Kostadinov

Asics Gel-Burz 1 Kiko Kostadinov

This Asics sneaker designed by a Bulgarian designer, captures the essence of what makes a dad shoe shine.

Dad Approved: The thick exterior, and gel cushioning, perfect for chasing your kids at soccer practice.

Not Dad Approved: The limeade exterior, “The only benefit to that would be so no one has to worry about getting lost at Disneyland.”


New Balance 990V4

New Balance 990V4

The OG of the Dad Shoe

Dad Approved: New Balance sneakers are know for being high quality, as well as being made in the USA.

Not Dad Approved: “Don’t you think the suede is a little bit too fancy…”


Nike Air Monarchs

Nike Air Monarch

Nike’s long-lasting trainer with the perfect mix of Orthopedic, 90s style, and modern trends.

Dad Approved: Cushioning, durable, leather, and ONLY $65

Not Dad Approved: N/A


The Nike Air Monarchs are the clear winner for a dad, so why don’t you grab a pair for Father’s Day! 

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