Cleaning Solution


Our solution is made from natural soaps derived from coconut and jojoba oil.

No, due to these materials, the only way to properly clean these materials would be with the Laundry system found in our Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit.

Although we don't specify an exact amount because it could vary by application, we recommend about two small squirts of solution (0.5-1 ounces) for a 4 ounce bowl of water.

Our solution works on most materials including leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, vinyl and rubber. We do want to point out that suede can be more challenging to clean. Suede may require a dry clean with a medium bristle brush and a suede eraser. If the shoes are still dirty after dry cleaning, you can use our normal cleaning method using a soft bristle brush, solution, and some water. We highly recommend watching our suede cleaning tutorials on YouTube channel. If you're still not sure, contact us for guidance prior to cleaning.

All suede is different and therefore difficult to provide general directions. In some applications you may see some color bleeding, transfer or color loss. If you have never cleaned a particular material before, we strongly recommend contacting us so we can assist you in the cleaning process.

No. Yellowing is a chemical reaction where plastic or rubber reacts with oxygen and oxidizes. This causes the material to change colors and our cleaner will not reverse this process.

Laundry System


Our Patented Sneaker Laundry Bag is multi-purpose and designed for the laundry system method. The Laundry Bag offers a great deal of protection by keeping the shoes safely tight together during the washing cycle.

We advise caution when cleaning certain materials in the washing machine. These materials include suede, wool and shoes that have multi colored panels that may bleed. If you are concerned, please contact us for additional guidance.

Always use COLD water, normal cycle. The time can range based on your washing machine, however the normal wash time is 30-45 minutes.

You can wash up to 4 pairs at a time depending on what size shoes they are. Any shoes over a size 9.5, we would only recommend washing 2 pairs at once. For shoe sizes over 12 we suggest washing each shoe in their own sneaker laundry bag and only doing 1 pair at a time.

Always dry shoes in a well ventilated area or in front of a fan to help speed the drying process. NEVER put shoes in the dryer which will cause the glue to separate and cause your shoe to shrink.

If properly used, each laundry bag is designed to fit 1 pair of low to mid top shoes up to size 12. For shoes that exceed this size, we recommend using one bag per shoe. The shoes should go into the bag soles together, facing opposite directions. If the shoe is a high top, bulky, or larger than a size 12, you will have to use an additional laundry bag.

Our sneaker detergent was curated specifically in mind of the materials most commonly used in sneakers. Regular detergent may contain added chemicals, dyes, or additives, so we don't recommend you use regular detergent. Never use detergent that has bleach or whitening additives.

Sole Shields


Our Sole Shields are designed for light wear and should protect your shoes at least 20,000 steps.

Unfortunately, we do not recommend applying Sole Shields to any shoe larger than a size 13.

Yes, our Sole Shields are designed to help prevent your soles from oxidation!

14in (L) x 6in (W)

Not recommended for Vapor Max or any shoe with an exposed air unit in the midsole. Also, We would not recommend applying Sole Shields to Versace Chain Reacts or any shoe with a similar sole. (If you are not sure if they are compatible with your shoe, please email us photos to info@reshoevn8r.com)

The list of things you will need include: a heat gun, scissors, a marker, and optionally, a towel for applying pressure.

We only recommend using a heat gun to apply Sole Shields. A blow dryer may not be able to reach the temperatures required and may not create a great bond between the Sole Shield and outsole of the sneaker.



You'll want to re-apply repellent typically every 4-6 weeks with regular wear. It can last much longer if they are worn less often.

Typically, we don't recommend our Water and Stain Repellent on leather for a few reasons. Leather itself is already water-resistant, so it will not stain the way canvas, suede, or knitted materials will. Along with this, we've experienced, in a few rare cases, a white film showing up on the shoe after applying our Water and Stain Repellent to leather. If this does happen, the film can be easily removed by cleaning the shoe with our Brush and Solution. It won't damage the shoe at all.

Our Aersol Repellent contains Dimethyl ether, Fluor-Silicone Resin, Petroleum Distillates (Can provide MSDS upon request)

Yes! Although you are applying a light barrier around your shoe, you are not blocking the breathability.

On darker colored shoes you could experience a slight change in color. We recommend applying our repellent to lighter colored shoes that could actually stain. Black colored or dark shoes don’t typically stain so there is really no reason to protect them the same way you would for white or light colored materials. We do not recommend using repellent on patent leather.

Our aerosol repellent has a shelf life of 5 years and the water based spray repellent can last up to 2 years.



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