As every sneakerhead has heard the Jordan 4 Military Blue’s are rereleasing in 2024 on May 4th. This is one of the most coveted Jordan 4 colorways of all time. This colorway is iconic for its white, grey and blue color patterns and sleek look. These shoes go with a lot of outfits and this color combination draws the attention of sneakerheads and people who know absolutely nothing about sneakers. With this being said what is the difference between this years release compared to older pairs? Well we are going to go in depth into the differencres between the 2024 Militray Blue 4’s and the pair that released in 2012.

Color Differences

The biggest and most noticeable difference between the 2012 and 2024 release is the shade of blue. On the 2024 release the blue is much darker while the 2012 release is alot lighter electric blue. The darker shade of blue is a lot more subtle and will go with more fits ,but the 2012 version definitely stands out more. The blue on the 2012’s also pops more because the white uppers are brighter then on the 2024 pair. The 2024 white leather has some grey undertones to it making the shoe appear darker compared to the bright white 2012. The different color stitching on the toebox of the 2012 is a grey that is seen throughout the rest of the shoe while the 2024 version has a more cream look to it. There are some very noticeable differences between the 2012 and 2024 when it comes to color so which one are you rocking with more? The darker 2024 release? Or the Bright 2012?

Quality and Structure

The 2nd biggest difference on this shoe besides the darker tone of blue on the 2024’s is the shape of the shoe. The 2024 pair is the new Jordan 4 shape that is inspired by the Jordan 4 SB thagt was also used on the newly released Bred 4 reimagined. The new shape is a much sleeker design while the 2012 and the other older pairs are much more blocky. Next the netting on the uppers is much larger on the 2012 pair, and the 2024 pair has the Air Jordan logo on the heeltab while the 2012 has the OG jumpan. The heeltab on the 2024’s is also alot thicker and the tongue and inside of the sneaker have alot more cushion compared to the 2012.

Our Opinion

If we had to pick between one pair or the other we would have to go with the 2012 pair. The blue on the 2012 pops alot more making the shoe standout while also using better grey and white colors on the uppers. The shape and Nike air back tab on the 2024’s is definitely levels ahead of the 2012 ,but you can’t beat the original military blue color patterns.


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