Our Latest Product: 
We have extended our product line up with our newest product launch the Power Pad. The Power Pad is a fully prepped sneaker sponge that makes cleaning midsoles and leather sneakers an absolute breeze. It's time to dive into the future of sneaker care with our all encompassing product. 
The Power Pads are packed full of 6 different sponges which can assist in multiple cleans on your favorite leather sneakers. However, they are also a great tool for quick, on the go cleanings. The key to sneaker maintenance can be found in one sponge. 
A stack of six white shoe cleaning sponges sponges with black text. The text on the sponges reads "RESHOEVN8R".
How to Use The Power Pad: 
This product may be the easiest way to clean your kicks ever invented. The sponges are pretreated with our all natural cleaning solution, so all that is left to do is add water to activate the cleaning magic. Dip the Power Pad into a bowl of water and begin scrubbing directly onto the midsole or the leather uppers of the sneakers. 
The Power Pad contains a textured and smooth side to remove even the most trapped in dirt and grime. The textured side is used to remove scuffs and deep stains; while the smooth side is perfect for a quick clean and polish on all sneakers. 
A white shoe cleaning sponge with textured bumps sitting on a white surface.A white shoe cleaning sponge with black text that says "RESHOEVN8R" sitting on a white surface.
What should I use this Sponge on? 
The Power Pad is designed for rubber midsoles, leather uppers or patent leather. We do NOT recommend using this product on suede or nubuck kicks. While our solution is safe to use on most kicks this is not the best tool to clean your delicate sneakers. If you are looking to clean other kicks in your collection our Essential Kit is the perfect starting point. 
The Power Pad is over 2X the size of other eraser sponges... Add it to the cart today and begin your sneaker cleaning experience! 
A box of shoe cleaner product stacked next to a pile of cleaning sponges. The shoe cleaning kit has text "Midsole & Sneaker Cleaner" "Power Pad" "Re shoe v n8r". Products sits on a white background.


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