Jordan 1 Lost and Found Restoration

Jordan 1 Lost and Found Restoration


 In todays Restoration Vick got sent an absolutely destroyed pair of Jordan 1 Lost and Founds for him to restore. One of our amazing subscribers sent us this pair to see if Vick can bring them back to life. From top to bottom these shoes are the definition of trashed, with tons of scuffs all over the uppers and tons of areas needing a repaint. Vick has his hands full with this one. Let’s see how Vick pulls off this restoration on these Chicago Jordan 1 Lost and Founds.

Products Used

To start off the Restoration Vick is going to completely clean and disinfect these Lost and Founds using the Reshoevn8r Signature Kit. The kit can clean almost every shoe on the market because it features our Reshoevn8r patented laundry system, cleaning solution, microfiber towel, a pair of shoe trees, and of course our soft, medium, and stiff brush.

The Clean

To Start off the clean Vick uses his air compressor to get off most of the surface level dirt to make for an easier clean. He then inserts the shoe trees to allow a deeper scrub on the uppers while also reforming the toe box to remove creases. Next Vick gets to scrubbing using the soft brush on the uppers while making sure he is careful with the red leather on the shoe. This red could potentially bleed onto the white cracked leather ruining the shoe which is NOT what we want for one of our fans. Vick then goes straight to using the stiff brush on the midsole and outsole to get out those tougher stains. Normally Vick goes over the uppers with a medium brush  to get out the tougher stains but he didn’t this time because he didn’t want the cracked leather to flake off. Luckily the soft brush was all he needed, and these shoes are already unrecognizable. Until everything went south when cleaning the other shoe. The white paint spread all over the red leather and other parts of the shoe so hopefully the washing machine can fix the unwanted spread.

Beginning of the End

After throwing them in the washing machine and letting them dry these shoes are looking way better, but you know Vick is a perfectionist so, he’s gotta clean up some of the little details. The red leather bled into the threading connecting the midsole and outsole making it pink and there is a bunch of white paint clumped up around the shoe that needs to be fixed. Vick starts off by using a pick to remove all of the old threading, and then uses a smaller pick to break off all of the clumped up excess paint. After chipping off all the excess paint Vick puts these shoes in UV light for a couple of days to get rid of the yellowing and it paid off.

Finishing Touches

Around the shoe there are still some major problems including red paint that has bled onto the white cracked leather as well as cuts into the red leather on the heel of both shoes. Vick begins fixing these issues by going over the cuts with sand paper and the rest of the leather to prep it for new paint. He also goes over all of the red leather on the shoe with acetone and cotton balls to prep for paint. Vick then paints the entire uppers including the red leather and the white cracked leather making for a brand new looking shoe. Unfortunately there was no way to recreate the cracked leather with the repaint on the white parts of the uppers ,but as the owner wears them the texture of the cracked leather will slowly come back.

Video Link

To see this restoration in full effect click the video link below and see Vick bring these Jordan 1 Lost and Founds back to life!

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