Originality With a BOOST; Bridging the Past With the Present

Originality With a BOOST; Bridging the Past With the Present

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The year is 2017, and by now the sneaker world has been through a series of transformations. While new brands have emerged, others have taken a backseat to leading sportswear manufacturers. The power struggle between Adidas and Nike continues to propel the sneaker industry to new heights. Nike’s given the world Air Max Cushioning, Flyknit, Flywire, and an overall more effective approach to foam cushioning. Although Adidas has had a considerable response to each of these innovations, their legacy undoubtedly lies in the creation of BOOST technology. We’ve seen it everywhere including Ultra Boosts, Yeezys, and even basketball sneakers but what’s next? Leave it to Adidas to be three STRIPES ahead of the game.
SNEAKER: Adidas Stan Smith Boost
Making its debut in the early 70’s, this tennis classic is comparable to what the Air Force 1 is to Nike. Endorsed by tennis icon, Stan Smith, the sneaker was adored for its functionality and stylish appeal. In modern times, the Stan Smith has been retired for athletic purposes but finds its worth in casual, sometimes high fashion settings. Adidas is proud to announce that this year, their famed silhouette is likely to regain its notoriety on tennis courts across the globe. Complete with an updated BOOST sole, wearers can experience a level of comfort never deemed possible by this archaic silhouette. Aside from the original colorway, there’s a metallic pack scheduled to release. Copper and Silver Stan Smiths with BOOST technology will become a reality soon. Expect all three to hit retailers in the early months of 2017.
SNEAKER: Adidas Superstar Boost
Adidas’ most recognizable silhouette has also been reimagined to meet modern standards. The Adidas Superstar is a classic work of art, serving the sneaker community since 1969. Just when you thought this shoe has outlived its athletic days, BOOST technology arrives to prove otherwise. At first glance, it’s difficult to notice any signs of modern advancement. However, a look towards the medial side of the sneaker reveals the infamous cushioning system. Similar to the Stan Smith Boost series, they’ll be available in both bronze and silver. The Adidas Superstar Boost is scheduled to drop this Thursday, February 9th.
The result of combining modern innovation, with yesterday’s silhouettes is nothing short of satisfying. The decision to preserve the classic flavor within these kicks is a step in the right direction for Adidas. As sneakerheads, we don’t require frankenstein-esq footwear to retain our interest in brands. Give us something timeless and we’ll be open to advancements and modifications that come with increasing technology. Bridging the past with the present never felt better!
Photo Courtesy: KOF/Adidas

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