Jordan Heels: Trashy or Classy?

Jordan Heels: Trashy or Classy?

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Ladies love their heels! This is generally true for most females, regardless of background or demographic. From a male perspective, we love to see you ladies in them almost as much as a dope pair of kicks. So in theory, why not combine the two, right? WRONG? In most cases, Jordan Heels don't quite make the cut. Let's glance at some of the internet’s most interesting Jordan Heels from an unbiased perspective.
SNEAKER: Air Jordan 1 Royal Wedge
SNEAKER: Air Jordan 1 Bred Heel
SNEAKER: Air Jordan V Fire Red Heel
SNEAKER: Air Jordan 7 Olympic Heel
SNEAKER: Air Jordan 11 Concord Heel
For the most part, these shoes all have good intentions. Combining what the masses love about Jordans with the sleekness of heels could be a step in the right direction. The iterations above come from unauthorized retailers, leaving us curious about Jordan Brand’s potential. Should this concept catch fire, we could see translucent pumps or even glow in the dark wedges! Until then, sneakers and heels should remain two separate entities.

Photo Courtesy: samantha_mbaker/Pinterest

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