How to Clean Running Shoes

Running shoes are a staple in nearly every closet. (Whether you actually use them to run, or they are just your casual weekend pair.) However, once they get dirty they often get tossed in the bin. Not anymore! Save your money and clean up your running shoes in a few easy steps.

Pre Step 1: Remove Dirt

If your shoes are caked in anything, such as mud, it is helpful to start your cleaning process by dry brushing the shoe. Simply go outside, and using moderate pressure, brush the shoe to remove large clumps of debris. 

Step 1: Scrubbing

Then, begin your cleaning by dipping a soft brush into a solution and water mixture. Using circular motions, scrub the cleaning solution into the shoe. With knit running shoes it is important to use brushes designed for delicate fabric so the material doesn't snag.

If there is a difficult mark on the shoe, you can move to a stiffer brush, however use gentle pressure when scrubbing the shoe. Finish by cleaning the midsole and soles.


How to know which brush to use?

Soft Brush is great for suede, knit, mesh, and nubuck.

Medium Brush is great for leather, rubber, plastic and midsoles.

Stiff Brush is great for soles. 

Step 2: The Laces

One of most neglected piece of the shoe is often the laces. Give them some cleaning too, by simply dipping the dirty laces into the left over water and solution mixture. Lather with your hands.

Step 3: Deep Clean

Lastly place your running shoes into a protective laundry bag. Using cold water and a normal setting, place the shoes and some detergent into the washing machine. Once finished, promptly remove and let air dry.

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