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Air Jordan 1 Customs for Comedian Jo Koy

Welcome back to another episode of Customs of Vick. Today Vick is working on a very special project for comedian Jo Koy

This custom Air Jordan 1 was commissioned by the Phoenix Suns Organization, and they wanted it delivered to JoKoy during his sold out show at the Footprint Center. 

Not only would this custom be seen by Reshoevn8r’s large Youtube audience, but Jo Koy’s entire crowd…no pressure, right? 

Vick thrives under pressure. Let’s see what he can come up with.  

Valley Vibes

For the base shoe, Vick picked out the ‘Electro Orange’ Air Jordan 1. Because we’re going for Valley Vibes here, the orange accents of this sweet Jordan 1 make this the perfect starting point for Vick’s creative process. 

After removing the laces and insoles, Vick got started by prepping the white leather with acetone and cotton balls. This is an important step in any custom, because it will allow the new paint to adhere to the surface without any trouble. With the factory finish removed and the shoe taped off, it’s time to lay down some paint. 

Vick used an iridescent yellow to add a base coat to the toe boxes, and then applied a stencil of the sun found on the Philippines flag. Now that the stencil is laid down, Vick used another shade of yellow to start a gradient pattern. 

Like any good artist, plans change…in a stroke of genius, Vick switched up his plans and also decided to paint the side panels in the same iridescent yellow, in preparation for another Philippines inspired stencil. 

This time, Vick used another element from the Philippine flag, the three stars (which represent the three islands of the Philippines) to add another dimension to the side panel. In the fashion of the toe box, Vick laid down yellow and orange to create that Valley gradient pattern. 

For the third shade of the gradient, Vick used a reddish-orange. Another shade of red-orange gives these the sunset vibes Vick was going for. The gradient patterns are always time consuming, but man do they look good. 

After painting the heel iridescent purple, it’s time to send these off to Julian for a Jo Koy tattoo courtesy of the laser engraver.

Tattoo Your Shoe

Laser engraving shoes is always a stressful process, because if you mess up, there’s no going back. Luckily for us, Julian is a pro and so naturally these came out perfect. 

Was there ever a doubt?

To make the JoKoy insignia and logo pop even more, Vick painted them in bright red, which helps them stand out against the nice iridescent purple. 

Time to paint the swoosh and collar. Vick went with a magenta tone for this portion of the shoe, which he created by mixing two colors, hot pink and raspberry. Paint job is now complete, let’s customize the shoe laces.

The Finishing Touches

Vick made some custom ‘Funny’ decals and then heat pressed them onto the laces, a look that you’ve probably seen on any of the recent Off-White and Nike collabs. To complete the package, D-Nice helped out with some custom insoles, complete with the same sunset gradient pattern, a picture of JoKoy and a special thank you message from both Reshoevn8r and the Footprint Center. 

As mentioned, Jo Koy took delivery of these sweet custom Air Jordan 1s at his sold out show in Phoenix, and his reaction says it all. 

Safe to say that Vick’s custom game is no joke. This pair is absolute fire. 

That’s all for now, thanks for tuning in. Click on over to our Youtube for more insane customs and restorations from Vick Almighty. 

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