Top 5 Shoe Releases of October 2015

Top 5 Shoe Releases of October 2015

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October was actually a pretty slow month. The MAGs were highly anticipated but we know how that turned out. Fall is moving and these kicks were our favorite releases from the month.

With the NBA season, almost here, colorways of the newest models will drop like wildfire. We'll leave the Jordan V Supreme releases off this list because, they were "meh." This month's theme seemed to be original and fun.

5. Li Ning Way of Wade 4 "Liberty Mint"

Dwyane Wade looks to lead the Miami Heat once again. To kick off his latest model, the Way of Wade 4 releases a familiar silhouette, yet these are aesthetically appealing. In case you didn't hear about the unveiling event, it was held at "Casa de Wade" and the media got their pairs. On top of that Wade hooped with the people in a game of Knockout. That alone deserves to make this list.

4. Nike KD 8 Euro Money

Okay, these automatically bring the Undefeated feel. Why? Orange and green will do that to you. These aren't as awesome as the Undftd 4s or the Rogue Green but they do look like a solid basketball shoe with a pretty eye catching colorway.

3. Air Jordan 1 "Carolina"

Talk about a classic colorway. These have not dropped since 1985. The original color scheme of Michael's college, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Remember, Michael didn't want red and black shoes when he first entered the league (although those have always been the Chicago Bulls colorway). He wanted to rock the Carolina Blue forever.

2. Under Armour Curry One "Splash Party"

When everyone saw Steph unleash these bad boys for his birthday, everybody wanted them BAD. UA has defintely grown as a brand and they were able to sell out this package. Two years ago, who would have ever believed that UA would have the power to sell a two-shoe package for $400. That's in Air Jordan territory. The Batmans are solid but these are highlighted by the Splash Party.

1. Nike Bruin Leather AKA "BTTF"

The MAGS were suppose to release on the 21st. Although only one pair surfaced, Power Laces were seen! Those will drop in the Spring of 2016 for charity. The other shoes that Marty wore did release though. The Nike Bruins are solid with an all leather upper that's dressed in white with a dash of red.

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