Pelicans PG Jrue Holiday Sneaker Collection

Jrue Holiday's season has been injury plagued but behind rising star Anthony Davis, the New Orleans Pelicans have clinched the 8th seed in thrilling fashion. Their victory over the San Antonio Spurs in the finale closed the doors on the Oklahoma City Thunder's chances. Jrue Holiday is healthy, back, and ready to face the 67-win Golden State Warriors.

Off the court, the point guard from UCLA has an awesome sneaker display. Thanks to Sports Illustrated, we grabbed an inside glimpse of Holiday's shoe library; they don't like to refer to it as just closet. With caps and a few memorabilia pieces, the display is beautifully set up with cleanliness and simplicity. Holiday's collection consists of more than 250 pairs in his size 13. The custom created shelves were designed by California Closets. Holiday's favorite kicks sit atop of multicolor glass and below LED lighting that can be changed. The woman in the photo above is Holiday's wife, Lauren Holiday. In case she looked familiar, she is a USWNT soccer player.

From Tim Newcomb's Sports Illustrated article:

“Before, I just had a room full of shoes, just in boxes, and, obviously, our house is pretty big, so we had an extra room of just shoes,” Holiday tells “We had to get our master closet redone and thought why not make a shoe library.”

From there, Lauren’s mom went to work, finding styles she liked, which led Jrueand Lauren to designing a complete home—full of glass, LED lighting and size-13-measured shelves—for well over the 250 pairs of shoes Holiday keeps.

The concept started with Holiday's idea—“it is supposed to be like a library since I have so many different pairs, a lot of different variety, like a library”—and his desire to put his favorite pairs under glass.

Jrue's collection is incredibly neat with a ton of popular Air Jordans. The Jordan XIs have their own section as everything is neatly put away. He also has the collection organized in sections. The categories include: game-worn keepsakes, kicks in rotation, current-style, and even fancy dress shoes.

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