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How to Remove Chocolate Stains

Posted by Erin Shoffer on

After one tragic Halloween candy incident, we thought our chocolate stained sneakers were forever ruined. However, with only a few steps we were able to get the shoes looking fresh once more. Here is how we did it:

How to Remove Chocolate from Leather – Stan Smith’s 

  • Let the chocolate cool and harden.

How to Remove Chocolate Stains on Leather Stan Smith's

  • Use a wipe remove the chocolate. 

How to Remove Chocolate Stains on Leather Stan Smith's

...and clean!

How to Remove Chocolate Stains on Leather Stan Smith's


How to Remove Chocolate from Canvas – Vans

  • Freeze the shoe for 10 minutes, letting the chocolate harden.

How to Remove Chocolate Stains on Canvas Vans

  • Using a dry brush, sweep off excess chocolate.

How to Remove Chocolate Stains on Canvas Vans

  • Once most of the chocolate has been removed. Clean the entire shoe with a clean brush and a water/ solution mixture. (We recommend this all-natural cleaner.)

How to Remove Chocolate Stains on Canvas Vans

  • Let air dry.

*Depending on the chocolate, there may be some oily residue left behind, that you can see once the shoe is dry. The best way to clean oil is to use oil, however ammonia and typical cleaners are too harsh and will discolor your shoes.

  • Using a dye and alcohol-free laundry detergent made with all-natural oils, place the shoes into a laundry bag. Insert the shoes and detergent in the washing basin and set on a normal cycle with cold water.

How to Remove Chocolate Stains on Canvas Vans

  • Let air dry.
  • If oil still appears, clean the shoe with a water/ detergent mixture in a bowl and a brush. Let dry and repeat until stain is gone.

How to Removed Chocolate Stains from Canvas Vans

So next time your melted Hershey bar falls on your shoes, don’t panic! Grab your Reshoevn8r and get to work!

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6 Sneakers to Wear with Your Halloween Costume

Posted by Erin Shoffer on

Halloween is here - the one time a year adults get to act like children and dress up as their favorite characters. Whether you are a store bought or handmade costume wearer, there is always a piece of the costume that goes over looked – the shoes. We have compiled a list of popular 2018 Halloween costume ideas, with the perfect pair of corresponding shoes. So, if you have found yourself wondering, “What sneakers should I wear to complete Black Panther costume?” keep on reading!


Boss Ross

The man. The myth. The legend. The painter. Bob Ross in the recent years has made quite the comeback. Despite being off air for 20 plus years, "The Joy of Painting" has found its new home with cult classic fans, and casual Netflix viewers alike.

To recreate Bob’s signature look, you have to have some imagination; as most of the videos are shot waist up, and there are minimal photos of his full body online. However, a man that can pull off blue on blue, would definitively be a secret hype beast that would pay resell for Jordan 4 Levi’s, to complete his whole denim ensemble.

Bob Ross Halloween Costume

Spray with Water + Stain Repellent before you start spilling your watercolors. 


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a Halloween staple, and without fail can be found in at least one iteration at any Halloween party. But this year you can stand out from the crowd with some Jordan 8’s Valentine’s Day. The bold red color is identical in color to the boots that Wonder Woman adorns and the high-top look alludes to the footwear armor that she wears in every film.

Wonder Woman Halloween Costume

Keep the red vibrant using Mink Oil


Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty. Two names, millions of fans. The simply drawn cartoon characters have grown a fandom seemingly overnight, and Rick makes for the perfect 2018 Halloween costume. The teal shirt, white lab coat, and kakis will identify you as the character almost immediately. So, have some fun with the footwear and toss out the boring brown loafer and opt for a pair of New Balance 577 in brown. Still within the same hue, the New Balance sneakers complete the “nerdy” look while still being trendy and hip.

Rick and Morty Halloween Costume

Remove any damage from your dimension jumping adventures with the Suede/ Nubuck Eraser.



As long as Stranger Things keeps making more episodes, Eleven will remain a common go-to Halloween costume. With just a simple pink dress, knee high socks and Eggo waffles you are almost half there. To complete the look, you probably only have to go so far as the bottom of your closet. It is time to rock that old pair of High Top Converse you have had since your early college days. It is ok, you can keep them dirty for now, but at the end of the night when you remember how amazing Converse are again you may want to clean them up with Reshoevn8r Sneaker Laundry System and put them back into your weekly cycle.

Eleven Halloween Costume

Click here for our Sneaker Laundry Detergent - to remove any wood trekking dirt. 


Black Panther

This list would not be complete without Black Panther. With your sleek all black gear, and your just released Nike React Element 55’s in Black and White, you will make Wakanda proud. The black color will seamlessly blend with which ever pair of tight black pants you decide to wear, while the white midsole will certainly catch a few eyes.

Black Panther Halloween Costume


Keep your Nikes FRESH with the Ultimate Sneaker Laundry System.



And lastly, the movie scared us as children returned in 2017 to scare a whole new generation, IT, and the star – Pennywise. This is one of the trickier costumes to make at home, so if you attempt, all props to you. You don’t need the clown shoes to frighten your fellow guest, just shock them when you step inside wearing your pair of Reebok Kamikaze 1 Mids. The black and white lines parallel the ideas of the original costume, while also being a sneaker that you will never want to take off.

Pennywise Halloween Costume

After stomping in the gutters you'll need to clean your Reebok with a 4 oz 3 Brush Kit
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Adidas NMD PK OG

Posted by Katie Danzer on

The Adidas NMD craze continues this weekend with another highly anticipated drop. This time, the modern runner carries OG undertones. Similar to the original NMD release from last December, this upcoming colorway will have red and blue side panels.


Per usual, the Boost sole provides a cushioned, yet responsive ride on the Adidas NMD PK OG. Japanese font makes its way from the heel towards the pull tab adding an interesting touch. White laces blend well with upper contributing to the NMD PK OG’s subtle, classy appeal.



If you're looking to scoop a pair May 28th you’d better plan accordingly. Although you'll be able to scoop these overseas, they won't hit the U.S. until mid Summer. Traditionally NMD’s aren’t known to stay on shelves. Considering the significance of this colorway these are guaranteed to cause quite a stir. Just be sure to grab one of our cleaning kits to keep them crispy!

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Air Jordan 10 Shanghai

Posted by Katie Danzer on

The Air Jordan 10 City Pack continues to go international with another overseas inspired release. We now have images of the upcoming Shanghai makeover. Having recently received a detailed look at the London iteration, the sneaker world is eager for this Asian themed iteration to drop.


Should we expect a plethora of International inspired releases? Thus far the Air Jordan 10 has been receiving love from all angles. It’s likely after this run we won’t see much of this silhouette for awhile. At this point, there’s no exact release date for the Air Jordan 10 Shanghai. However, they’re rumored to drop late next month.


Based upon images, we can identify the sneaker’s composition. Black, tumbled leather is used across the upper. The Air Jordan 10 City Pack Shanghai features the letters HAI on the ankle. Ironically, nobody uses this abbreviation to identify this city. Gamma Blue and Fierce Purple make for an eye-catching contrast against the black base. The theme is, “Feng Shui”, or finding harmony in the surrounding environment. Once again expect these to drop next month at select Jordan Brand retailers.

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Nike Kobe 11 Television

Posted by Katie Danzer on

If you’re able to fit GS sizes, be sure to tune in May 27th for the release of the Nike Kobe 11 Television. Although the Black Mamba has concluded his days on the hardwood, his sneaker legacy continues to live on. If you can’t seem to recollect his greatness, his accomplishments can be relived through nearly any television set.


Nike’s scheduled to release several more Kobe’s for future generations of Mamba fans. The Nike Kobe 11 Television is considered one of the better GS releases this year. Their unique theme makes them a collectors item.


This sneaker boasts a neutral grey upper with a multi color pattern at the heel. In case you hadn’t noticed, the Nike Kobe 11 Television is inspired by the static and color bars of an off-the-air television. Considering Kobe’s career is now officially over, this release couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. 


3M laces are included for an appealing reflective shine. The Nike Kobe 11 Television rests atop an icy translucent outsole. Look for these to drop May 27th at select Nike retailers. Should these have been made available in men's sizes? Let us know if your feeling jealous. 

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