Step by step guide


Remove the laces and set aside to clean later. Then take your adjustable shoe trees and insert in the sneakers. This will give you a better surface to apply more pressure while you are cleaning your shoes.


Using Reshoevn8r's all-natural oil based sneaker cleaning solution, add two small squirts to the collapsible cleaning bowl filled with water. In order to mix the solution, take the Reshoevn8r soft bristle brush and lightly stir the solution using the bristles. Once mixed, you can begin the pre-treatment using the soft brush in circular motions over the entire uppers. When cleaning suede or nubuck, it's important to clean the shoe evenly to ensure that you don't leave watermarks when shoe is dry. Be extra careful with colored suede, as if you get it too wet the dye may bleed. 


After using the soft brush to lather the entire upper of the shoe.  You can go back over the uppers using the medium bristle brush and hit some of the more stubborn stains if needed. Using the stiffer bristles helps loosen some dirt that the soft brush couldn’t get.  Be very gentle when using the medium bristle brush, as you can easily damage the suede by applying too much pressure. Let the brush to the work for you. Also, with the medium brush you can scrub the midsoles in a back and forth motion to removed dirt trapped in the rubber cracks.


Once the entire upper has been cleaned, you can move onto the soles, cleaning them with our stiff bristle brush. The soles are likely to have the most dirt and grime, and when that gets trapped in the grooves of the sole you need to use a brush that has tough bristles. Last, using our microfiber towel, pat the entire shoe down, and let air dry.

Reshoevn8r Cleaning Brushes

Soft Bristle Brush

The Soft Bristle Brush is recommended for cleaning materials such as Suede, Flyknit, Nubuck, Mesh, Premium Leather, and Shoe Laces.

Medium Bristle Brush

The Medium Bristle Brush is recommended for durable materials such as leather, nubuck, plastic, and rubber.

Stiff Bristle Brush

The Stiff Bristle Brush was made specifically for soles.