• Seriously  amazing

    Seriously amazing

    This product is amazing… it brought all my sneakers, shoes, and boots back to life! I honestly swear by this stuff now. Thank you for this. I watched all your videos on YouTube, I will definitely be buying more soon.

    Nicholas G.
  • Stain  & Water Repellent

    Stain & Water Repellent

    This repellent is everything I thought it would be from the YouTube videos and more… I invest a lot of money into my shoe game and glad to know that there is a shoe protector out here at a resonable price.

    Kortney I.
  • Good  investment

    Good investment

    I bought these for my Wolf Grey 11s and you can hardly tell they are there! I did a grip test and so far so good. Only thing is they take a little bit of time to put on. Overall a great product and I would buy again.

    Rashell F.
  • Great product

    Great product

    The reshoevn8r signature kit is a life changer when it comes to cleaning your kicks. Ive cleaning all my shoes mulitple times, and Im still on my first bottle of solutions that came in the kit… A little goes a long way.

    Drew C.
  • Surprised


    I was curious to see if my sneakers could be rescured by your products. I love the packaging, the instrustions are very well explained. I still don’t believe it. The shoes now seem like new. I recommend without a doubt.

    Paola P.
  • Works Good

    Works Good

    I sprayed this on my Raging Bull 5s and sure enough water from the sink fell right off the shoe. Must have if you own suede shoes.

    Ricky H.
  • Awesome product

    Awesome product

    100% recommend! The best sneaker cleaner in the world! I can use my kicks with 0% fear.

    Isaac G.
  • Must buy

    Must buy

    When I received it, I used it on 6 different types of shoes ranging from crocs to Jordan's. Both cleaned excellently. This is an amazing product if you want to start cleaning your own shoes without damaging them.

    Brandon S
  • One of the greatest products

    One of the greatest products

    Great experience. I love using this product. It saves me so much money and time.

    Juan A.