Reshoevn8r Drop Off Cleaning Service

Have your sneakers professionally cleaned by the experts in house at Reshoevn8r. Simply bring your shoes to us, and we will do all of the dirty work. After we are finished, pick them up and you will be ready to wear them with pride again.

  • Hours:

    MON: 10AM - 6PM
    TUES: 10AM - 6PM
    WED: 10AM - 6PM
    THUR: 10AM - 6PM
    FRI: 10AM - 6PM
    SAT: 10AM - 6PM

  • Locations:

    4524 N 7th Street
    Phx, AZ 85014

  • Drop Off Cleaning Service

    Ditch the scrubbing and let our pros handle the hard work while you take back your free time. Whether it's a single pair or your entire collection, our drop-off cleaning service will handle your shoes with ease.

  • Shoe Care Expert

    Each sneaker deserves the right touch. Our shoe care experts have the knowledge and techniques to handle canvas, leather, suede, knit, and more to extend their lifespan and prevent damage from improper cleaning.

  • Go beyond surface dirt. Our experts tackle stubborn stains, deep-seated grime, and even odor elimination for that like-new look. Forget elbow grease and questionable cleaning methods, let us handle it from here.

  • Professional Shoe Cleaning

    Professional cleaning isn't all about aesthetics. It removes dirt and grime build-up that can degrade materials over time. By investing in proper care, you're preserving the value of your sneakers for longer.

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