Pink Will Always Be The New Pink!

Pink Will Always Be The New Pink!

Giving back to the community is one of the most important core values that we have at Reshoevn8r. There is no better way to give back than to help the people that need it the most. This year we have partnered with our good friends at Sneaker Knockerz to give away a pair of Nike SB Dunk Low “Strangelove” to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Association.

The Nike SB Dunk Low “Strangelove” released in February to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2020. It features a pink velvet material on the classic Nike SB silhouette. The Strangelove Dunk is referred to as “Dunk of the Year” by many people. Considering there has been a ton of exciting Nike Dunk’s released this year, that is a great achievement in the sneaker industry. As you may know, pink is the color that symbolizes breast cancer awareness as medical professionals strive to find a cure against the disease. We could not think of a better sneaker to raffle a way to our supportive community! 

Our raffle tickets will be available on our website from October 12th until October 16th for $10.00 and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Association. Along with giving away the high coveted pink sneaker, be on the lookout for an exciting addition to our website! We also had the opportunity to  interview Candice Boeck, the Manager of Strategic Partnerships for the National Breast Cancer Association. To learn more about Candice and the NBCA, check out the interview below!

R8: What do you think about this sneaker that we are giving away to raise money for your foundation?
CB: I love this sneaker! The varying pink tones are representative of the different journeys that women go through when diagnosed with breast cancer. The velvet on this sneaker really takes the shoe to the next level and allows those who wear it to dress it up with a cute swing dress or dress it more simply with shorts and t-shirt. 

R8: How will the contributions that we raise help the National Breast Cancer Foundation?
CB: Our impact is by helping women now through early detection, education, and support services to those affected by breast cancer.  NBCF was founded to fill in the gaps of cancer care, ensuring every woman has the access and information she needs to get through every step of her breast cancer journey. NBCF provides support through our National Mammography Program, Patient Navigation, breast health education, and patient support programs. 

R8: Tell us about your favorite pair of sneakers.
CB: My favorite pair of sneakers would be a clean white pair that is very comfortable!  

R8: What can more people do to be more informed about breast cancer? 
CB: NBCF provides a large amount of information on our website about early detection, diagnosis, stages, types of breast cancer, treatment and many free education resources. 

R8: What was your motivation to become a part of such a great organization?
CB: My motivation to be a part of NBCF is to help many women through their breast cancer journey. I have known several women that have lost their lives to breast cancer and this a great organization to help give back. Throughout my life I have always been involved with giving back in the community and being an employee of NBCF helps continue that part on my life.  

R8: What are the best memories that you have from being a part of NBCF?
CB: Some of my best memories of working at NBCF is getting to know so many neat and wonderful companies around the US and worldwide.  I love getting to know the people with the organizations, their cause connection and learning about new products/services. Also, I have been a part of many HOPE Kit Packing events and it is great seeing companies and their employees working together to support women while they are going through breast cancer treatment. 

R8: What does the phrase “Make A Change” mean to you?
CB: Making a change to me means doing something to make a difference in the lives of others. At NBCF, we provide life-changing programs and services to women so that no one faces breast cancer alone.  

R8: Do you have any upcoming initiatives that you would like to promote? 
CB: During this special month, we encourage you to join together “to get her”, and every woman, connected to the resources needed to take action—because breast cancer can happen to anyone at any time. Visit our website or social channels to learn more!  

R8: We would like to see you get artistic! Create Your Own NBCF Sneaker:
CB: We are checking with our team on a possible design.

We need your help to make a change to help find a cure for this disease. Don’t forget that our raffle will be open from October 12th until October 16th. We would not be able to give away the Nike SB Dunk “Strangelove” without our good friends over at Sneaker Knockerz. Thank you to everyone that donated to this great cause and good luck with the raffle!

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