The LARGEST US Olympic team ready for those Olympic rings

The LARGEST US Olympic team ready for those Olympic rings

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Olympic season is coming. No matter how much you dislike watching sports, there's something about the Olympics that puts you in the spirit of throwing a jersey of your country's color and cheering for it.

2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics

The real disappointment last year was not just about staying at home or lockdowns, it was missing the an event that generally unites a country. It was missing the mega event of the year, it was missing watching the athletes competing for medals, it was missing being in the holiday spirit despite no such holidays happening. Olympics connect the world in a contemplating manner of beauty and perfection. The Olympics federation is considering 5 new sports for the forthcoming games in Tokyo.  Surfing, skateboarding, sport climbing, Karate along with Baseball and Softball will finally have their chance to shine. The 33 games played by the tough athletes are a total show of strength and stamina.

The largest Olympic USA team to step foot in Tokyo since 1993.

Tokyo is going to host the largest USA team in history since 1996. Currently, more than 200 athletes are qualified for the Olympics but in total, approximately 600 US athletes are attending the event. Team USA is the biggest team in the event, which increases the chances of America to be the gold medalist overall. 

Athletes like Simone Biles in Gymnastics, David Boudia for Diving, Donavan Brazier competing in Track and Field, Caeleb Dressel for Swimming, Brady Ellison on the Archery field, Adeline Gray in Wrestling, and Vincent Hancock for shooting are in the US team this year.

Team members from different places with the same goal     

The USA has always been open to accepting people from different races and cultures and that clearly shows in the US selection of the team for the Olympics 2021. Several athletes are not native American but they are proudly presenting the nation. 

Some of the athletes who are not native American include Hillary Bor, Paul Chelimo, Shadrack Kipchirchir, Leonard Korir, Enkelejda Shehaj, Charles Jock, Nick Delpopolo, Jay Shi and Danell Leva. They all visited America after they were born and sometimes raised also outside the states. The USA found them, polished them, and presented them to the world as their own.

Hilary, Paul, Shadrack, and Leonard were Kenya-born. They were drawn back due to their country’s socio-economic situation so they migrated to America, joined athletes' programs, and started training in track and field. 

Some athletes have a more emotional story such as Enkelejda. Enkelejda was born and raised in Albania, but wanted to be a part of the US team. As she grew up, and violence erupted in and around Albania, it drew her back to her country as she was afraid to leave her parents. Enkelejda made the ultimate family sacrifice and came to the US, she competed in her first olympic competition in 1992 and has been winning medals sine then. 

Charles Jock parents are Ethiopian and he was born in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. The family settled in San Diego at the age of 3 when his parents flew to the US and demanded asylum. 

Delpopolo, who is a Judo master, was born Petra Perovic in Montenegro where he spent his first two years in an orphanage. He was then adopted by American parents and grew up in New Jersey.

There are a lot of other US athletes who are born in a different nation, but now they are truly by heart playing for the USA. This summer Olympics is all about love and support, a healthy competition is a necessary break from this covid extravaganza.

When will the Tokyo Summer Games be held?

The Tokyo Olympics will be held in July on the 23rd, in Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium.

A total span of 17 days of events will be held, the closing ceremony will be on August 8, and the people are more than ready to be a part of it. Tokyo will host athletes from a total of more than 196 countries making it the biggest event of this year. Japan is full of colors and cultures, and we really can't wait to watch the hospitality of it. All the true colors of Japan are going to be streamed live all over the globe.

As we root on our favorite sport, athlete and competitor take some time to remember what each athlete is competing for. They have dedicated their lives to this sport, and are now representing their home countries.

Reshoevn8r wishes all competitors in these summer Olympic games a Good Luck, we'll be cheering for you from all around the world. 

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