How to Clean Yeezy 350 Sneakers the Easy Way

How to Clean Yeezy 350 Sneakers the Easy Way

 The Best Sneaker Cleaner for Yeezys

We’ve cleaned a lot of sneakers over the years, but none garners more questions than the Adidas Yeezy 350. And if you’ve ever owned a pair, you’re surely googled “How to clean Yeezy 350” in the hopes of finding the best sneaker cleaner for Yeezy sneakers. 


Well we know a thing or two about cleaning  Yeezy 350s, because we’ve seen a thing or two. Our sneaker cleaning experts have worked on too many pairs to count, and all of that practice in cleaning the Yeezy 350 has culminated in what we feel is the BEST way to clean Yeezy 350 sneakers. 


Before you read on, make sure you watch the video to follow along with exactly how to clean the Yeezy 350 with the RESHOEVN8R Deep Clean Signature Bundle


The reason that the Deep Clean Signature Bundle is the best sneaker cleaner for Yeezy sneakers is because it gives you the tools you need for a manual deep clean with the RESHOEVN8R Sneaker Cleaning Solution and Brushes, and a trip through the washing machine thanks to our Patented Laundry System


Instructions to Clean Yeezy 350 With RESHOEVN8R

Jonny did a great job at detailing just how easy it is to clean your Yeezy 350s with the Deep Clean Signature Bundle. First, he removed the shoelaces and inserted the Adjustable Shoe Tree. Then he started to hammer the knit uppers of the Yeezy 350 Green Glow with the Soft Bristle Brush and Sneaker Cleaning Solution. 


On knit sneakers such as the Yeezy 350 Green Glow you don't want to use anything stiffer than the Soft Bristle Brush. The material is delicate and we don’t want to damage it in any way. The Soft Bristle Brush will do a fine job on the upper and will prepare it well for our Laundry System later on. 


After scrubbing the uppers, Jonny used the Medium Bristle Brush to clean the midsole, and the Stiff Bristle Brush to scrub the outsole. This pair of Yeezy 350s was given the Green Glow name for a reason…the outsole is supposed to glow in the dark! 

Before our cleaning there was no way you’d be able to see that glow, but thanks to our Brushes and Sneaker Cleaning Solution  this pair of Green Glow Yeezy 350s can shine in the dark once again. 


Now that we’ve put the Yeezy 350s through the Brush System, we’ll teach you how to wash your Yeezys in the washing machine with the RESHOEVN8R patented Laundry System. 


It’s okay to be skeptical, you’ve probably spent your whole life being told NOT to wash your shoes in the washing machine. We’ll get through this together, and you’re going to be flat out amazed by the end result. 


Knit sneakers like the Yeezy 350 tend to cling on to dirt a little bit more than leather shoes, especially because the dirt can get trapped deep within the holes in the material. That’s why using the Laundry System in tandem with the manual cleaning will give your Yeezy 350s the deepest clean possible. 

 How to wash Yeezys in the Washing Machine

Washing your Yeezys in the washing machine is a breeze. Jonny put them in the included Sneaker Laundry Bag with the shoelaces and a Laundry Detergent Pod, and put them through a full wash cycle with cold water. Then, he let them air dry. 


Wasn’t that so easy? And look at the results it gave us. 


This is why we love the Laundry System for knit sneakers. It flushes out any dirt that’s trapped deep within the material, and the washing machine does most of the work for you. Just throw them in, turn on an episode of Dateline (or watch 3-4 of our most recent sneaker cleaning videos), and you’re ready to rock. 


Now all that’s left is to lace them and rock them. 


There should be no reason you clean your Yeezy 350s with any other sneaker cleaner. The RESHOEVN8R Deep Clean Signature Bundle is the best sneaker cleaner for Yeezys. 


Next time your sneakerhead buddy asks you how to clean Yeezys…you know where to send them! 


Drop a comment down below if you’ve used RESHOEVN8R to clean your Yeezys, and make sure you subscribe to our Youtube Channel so you don’t miss out on more sneaker cleaning tips. 

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