How To Clean the PowerPuff SB Dunks

How To Clean the PowerPuff SB Dunks

The Powerpuff SB Dunk Pack dropped just a few months ago, but they came out as some of the most popular Dunks to release. Their bright vibrant colors, nostalgia and quality materials made them a sought after pair. For this cleaning we bough all 3 pairs to show our audience the best way to clean every material found on the shoe with Reshoevn8r. Watch how Reshoevn8r is the real hero of this cleaning tutorial. 

To kick off the cleaning Mr. Reshoevn8r started with the Bubbles SB Dunk. Now the Bubbles pair features a vibrant blue textured leather, a translucent bottom and a satin sockliner. For this cleaning he would rely on the Essential Cleaning Kit. Steve started by scrubbing the entire upper using the Soft Bristle Brush and all natural cleaning solution. This material reacted really well to the cleaning and there was ultimately no color bleed. Next he moved on to take care of the midsole and outsole using the Medium and Stiff bristle Brush. 

After all the brushes were used it was time to let the shoe dry and move on to the next. So far this cleaning is pretty easy! 


After Bubbles was taken care of it was time to move over to everyone's favorite... Buttercup. The Buttercup SB Dunks were the top wanted pair out of this entire pack. Their vibrant green and black colorway made them a hard pair to miss. Plus the 3M material and satin sock liner really make this shoe pop. 

For this cleaning Steve would follow the same process as the Bubbles pair and carefully clean the uppers using the Soft Brush, The 3M material is a fairly easy material to clean, but you want to make sure not to use a stiffer brush on there it can scratch it. The dirt and grime brushed off pretty easy on this pair. 


Time for the last pair... The Blossom SB Dunks. Now this was the pair that seemed to be the most challenging. The vibrant pink uppers with the nubuck materials could be a problem. There is a chance for bleeding, color fade, damaged suede and more, but all we can do is get to cleaning. For this pair we followed the same process. Soft Brush on the uppers to break down all the dirt and grime before moving over to the other parts of the shoe. Although there was a possibility of errors; we didn't experience any! The quality on these SB's is no joke. 


With all those clean.. It is clear that the Reshoevn8r Essential Kit is the true hero! What Powerpuff SB Dunk is your favorite? Check out the full tutorial here! 


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