What's going on Reshoevn8r Community! Welcome to OUR FIRST in-depth step-by-step cleaning tutorial blog! Today, we will be cleaning the all-white Nike Air Force 1; which is one of the most timeless sneakers of all-time. We will be using the Reshoevn8r Signature Kit and Laundry Pods. If you have a DINGY pair of AF1’s, now is the time to bring them back to life! To learn how to win your own Signature Kit for FREE make sure you read the entire blog!

Step 1: Insert your Reshoevn8r Shoe Tree inside of the sneaker (Make sure to match the shoe tree to your size). Shoe Trees are used to prevent creasing and get a deeper clean on the toe box of the sneaker.

Step 2: Remove the laces. If your laces are pretty stained, put them in a separate bowl of our solution and let them soak for the entire cleaning.

Step 3: Begin the cleaning using the Soft Bristle Brush cleaning the uppers and midsole of the sneaker.

Step 4: Wipe down the excess water and solution on the sneaker with our Microfiber Towel.

Step 5: Clean the midsole with the Medium Bristle Brush to get the rest of the grime the Soft Bristle Brush did not pick up.

Step 6: Move on the outsole of the shoe using the Stiff Bristle Brush (there may be some yellowing on the sole and that is not able to be removed with our solution).

Step 7: Wipe down the excess water and solution on the sneaker with our Microfiber Towel.

Step 8: If there is still dirt in the creases of the sole, take an Exacto knife and remove the remaining dirt.

Step 9: Grab the bowl that your laces are in and rub the laces between your hands and give them a nice scrub. 

Step 10: After you are done cleaning the laces, squeeze out the extra water and solution.

Step 11: Grab our Sneaker Laundry Bag and put your shoes in the bag. Tighten the drawstring cord so the sneakers do not move around in the wash.

Step 12: Put one of our Sneaker Laundry Pods in the side pouch along with the laces. Button the pouch.

Step 13: Put them in the washing machine with cold water and on the low spin.

Step 14: Let the Air Force 1’s air dry until they are completely dry!

Step 15: Wear your kicks!

Now that you know the ins and outs of the BEST way to clean your Nike Air Force 1’s, you are ready to go! To show our appreciation to the members of our Reshoevn8r Blog Community, we are giving away one of our Reshoevn8r Signature Kits to one lucky individual! All you have to do is tag us on Twitter with the hashtag #ReAirForce1. Good luck!


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