This pair of Carmine Jordan 6s was brought back to life with the Reshoevn8r Essential sneaker cleaning kit.

How to Clean Air Jordan 6 Carmine

Jordan 6 | Carmine Cleaning

Welcome back to another installment of Shoe Care Academy. 

Taking the place of Mr. Jonny Bubbles is none other than Megell, who’s here to show you how to clean one of his favorite pair of Jordans - the Air Jordan 6 Carmine. 

The Carmine colorway of the Air Jordan 6 is one of (if not the most) popular colors to ever be produced. It’s sad to see a pair this pretty in such poor condition. 

It’s time to put Reshoevn8r to the test once again; how does our top of the line sneaker cleaning kit handle this messy pair of Carmine 6s? 

Air Jordans like this pair of Carmines can be tricky to clean because of the multi-material construction and icy sole…good thing Reshoevn8r is the best cleaner for Air Jordans…period. 

Watch these shoes come back to life thanks to our Essential Kit

Starting Lineup

The first thing Megell does is remove the laces to soak in the water and solution. Now we can insert our Adjustable Shoe Tree to allow us to apply pressure to the toe while cleaning.

One thing to be cautious of is the red nubuck on this pair of Jordan 6s. If it becomes too saturated it can start to bleed onto the other materials…Keep that in mind as you go about cleaning your own pair.

Now that Megell has inserted the shoe tree and removed the laces, we can officially get started on this deep clean. 

The 'Soley' Trinity

With the shoe tree firmly in place and the laces out of the way, we can start moving through our Three Brush Pack, starting with the Soft Bristle Brush. Remember to clean your brush before using it again, we’re trying to remove dirt, not add it. 

After the first pass with the Soft Bristle Brush, the shoe is already looking a lot brighter. The red is starting to pop again…we’re off to a good start. 

Now we can give the midsole a scrub with the Medium Bristle Brush. The Medium Bristle Brush is great for those more stubborn stains on the uppers and the midsole. It's stiff enough to agitate the dirt without hurting the material. It did its thing, and the midsoles are crispy white again.

To finish off with the brushes, Megell used the Stiff Bristle Brush to scrub the outsole. Cleaning the outsoles proved a big success and the Stiff Bristle Brush was able to remove all of the gunk and grime… we’re back to ICY!

While the icy soles on this pair of Jordan 6s isn't yellowed yet, it's important to note that protecting your icy soles can be a challenge. The last thing we want is for someone to grab a pair of these (or any shoe with an icy sole) and be too fearful to wear them because they don't want to yellow the sole. 

That's why our Sole Shields are a great investment...instead of having to restore your icy soles after the fact, you can apply our Sole Shields and protect them from the jump. 

Say No to Dirty Laces

All that’s left are the laces. Megell took the laces out of the bowl where they’d been soaking and rubbed them together to clean off the dirt. 

If your laces are still dirty after a preliminary clean, you can always throw them into the washer and use our patented Laundry System, but for this cleaning, the soak in the Cleaning Solution was more than enough to remove the stains. 

After letting the shoe air dry out in the Arizona sun, these bad boys are good to go. 

The Best Shoe Cleaner for the Best Colorway

Check out how much better this pair of Air Jordan 6 Carmines are looking. If you had any doubt as to which sneaker cleaner is best for your Air Jordans…well now you know.

These Carmine 6s came out looking just as good as they did the day they dropped. From suede to nubuck, leather to mesh, Reshoevn8r is the BEST way to keep your Jordans looking fresh. 

Let us know down below; what’s your favorite Jordan 6 colorway? And don’t forget to click over to Youtube for more sneaker cleaning tips and tutorials. 

Thanks for stopping by our Sneaker Care Academy. Our resident sneaker experts are eager to serve you and freshen up your prized kicks. Schedule a private Online Cleaning Consultation to receive instructions on how to clean your personal pair, or take advantage of our Online Cleaning Service to have our expert staff take care of it for you. 

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