Hottest Running Shoes of 2023

Hottest Running Shoes of 2023

Step up your run game with the hottest sneakers of 2023!
They say running is good for the soul, but you have to make sure you have the right kicks! The comfortability and functionality are hands down what is needed when it comes to running. Let's jump into what the top rated running shoes of 2023 are before the year is up. What do you think will be on top next year?! 
1. Hoka Clifton 9 (Style# 1127895)
Hoka 9 image

The Hoka brand has absolutely taken over the running shoe market in 2023. The brand has nearly doubled in size with a 58.5% increase in net sales in just the span of a year. Whether you run everyday or you need a comfortable everyday shoe for work you will see Hoka’s on every track, every gym, and every office in America. A lot of influencers in the past year have started wearing these shoes which has led to a surge of popularity in such a short amount of time. Despite the Hoka Clifton 9 looking like a dad shoe it is surprisingly popular with the age group of 18-34 year old. In 2023 this age group saw the most sales growth with Gen-Z and millennial women leading the pack for the Hoka shoe Trend.

The Clifton 9 in specific is known for being one of the comfiest shoes on the market. This shoe is even certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association this means that it is certified by scientists for its benefits to overall foot health. Most of the shoe is made out of recycled materials in order to limit plastic use, and does not use any animal products to create the shoe. The Hoka Clifton 9 is an amazing addition to anyone's shoe collection whether you are an avid runner, or just need a comfy daily sneaker, this shoe is good for every consumer far and wide at a price point of $145.


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Hoka before and afterHoka Before and afterHokaHoka before and after


2. On Cloud 

On cloud sneaker

The On Cloud shoe brand is similar to Hoka with its recent surge in popularity and interest from the younger population. From 2021 to 2022 the Brands sales increased by 91.9%, nearly doubling what they made the year previously. In Quarter three of 2023 so far the brand has seen a 54.7% increase from the year before. They are a brand that is continuously growing day by day and is up in the rankings with Hoka for some of the highest in demand shoes right now.

What sets the On Cloud sneaker apart from the rest of its competition is their Cloud Technology midsole that splits the sole into different pod sections. Each pod rebounds after hitting the ground which in turn creates a shoe that is comfortable and reactive to the ground making for a smoother running experience.

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On cloud before and after with productOn cloud before and afterOn Cloud Before and afterOn Cloud Before and after

3. Nike Alpha Fly 2 (Style# DN-3555-600)

Nike Alpha Fly 2

The Nike Alpha Fly 2 is every competitive runner's dream shoe. Nearly every website or video you see about them people are running their personal best times no matter the distance. With the vast technology that Nike has it is no surprise that they are considered the best competition running shoes in the industry. With the ZoomX technology in the Midsole and atom knit upper this shoe is the perfect mix of comfort and performance. This shoe is definitely not for the average everyday runner. The price point for these shoes sits at a whopping $285 a pair. With that price you would think they run the race for you ,but they do have some of the most advanced running technology known to date. If you are the average soccer mom that goes for a jog in the morning these shoes are not for you ,but they are arguably one of the best shoes on the market for competitive runners.

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