Bred 4 Reimagined Unboxing

Bred 4 Reimagined Unboxing

The one and only Almighty Vick and Nick Wilson tackle unboxing the Jordan 4 Bred reimagined also known as the red cement 4’s by the older sneakerheads. Nick got these on the shock drop a few weeks back and so today they are going to be giving some insight on what they think of these reimagined sneakers.

At First Glance

The first thing they notice before even looking at the shoe is that the original jordan box with the gray cement pattern on top is super clean. Now getting to the shoe, the first thing Vick noticed is that there is a black hang tag on these breds. Normally Jordan releases have a bright orange hang tag off the sneaker but for this release it is all black. The first initial reactions to the shoe for Vick and Nick are the tumbled leather on the tongue while the rest of the shoe is sleek, and thick high quality leather. The shape of the shoe is also different compared to the other bred releases. It is more similar to the new shape of the 4’s that have been coming out recently which Vick and Nick like way better than the older versions. Another thing they liked about this release is the Nike air logo on the heel instead of the Jordan brand logo. 


The only thing that Vick would change about this shoe is the shade of black on the netting of these 4’s.  The First retro version of the Bred 4’s that came out in 1999 had a glossy netting which would compliment the all leather uppers on these reimagined very well. Overall Vick has liked every reimagined sneaker that has come out and is looking forward to the reimagined Black Toe 1’s that are next up in the reimagined series. They plan to put Jordan brand labeling on the upper instead of the classic wings to give it a new look which is something Vick is looking forward to once they announce the official look of the shoe.

How to Protect and Clean

Now that Nick secured these 4’s on the shock drop it is important to be able to protect and clean this pair now that they are in his rotation. These 4’s are built like absolute tanks. With the thick all black uppers on these shoes they are going to be very easy to clean so, you don’t have to worry about wearing them. Keeping some Reshoevn8r sneaker wipes on you at all times and the Reshoevn8r essential cleaning kit is all you will need for these shoes. Even if they do get pretty beat up the essential kit will do the job because the materials on these are so easy to clean.

2019 VS. 2024

Comparing this new release to the 2019 release there are some very noticeable differences. The first difference are the different materials on the uppers. The 2019 has durabuck uppers while the 2024 release is completely leather. T
he next noticeable difference is the toe box. The 2019 release has a rounder toe box giving the shoe a blocky look while the 2024 release has almost a pointed toe box to complete the all leather sleek look. The 2024’s also have rolled leather on the tongue and alot more padding on the heel compared to the 2019. Vick even considers the Bred 4 Reimagined the sneaker of the year (In his opinion). Now he is a little biased because it is his favorite shoe of all time ,but we will see what everyone else thinks when the time comes.


Video Link

If you wanna see the comparison for yourself, hit the link below and check out the video.

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