Best Holiday Gifts for Shoe-Lovers under $20

Best Holiday Gifts for Shoe-Lovers under $20

5 Unique Shoe Care Gifts for $20 or Less

There’s just something about saving money around the holiday season that makes it more enjoyable. Gift-giving is really fun, and it’s even better when you don’t have to sell an arm and a leg to make the recipient happy. 

Here at RESHOEVN8R we love making your holiday shopping experience easy and seamless. The best part? We offer a plethora of shoe care products for under $20. Yes, that $20 threshold is a hard one to find, but we’ve managed to pick out a few products that should land on any Best Holiday Gifts for Under $20 list. 

Shopping for the holiday’s doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 5 gifts for $20 or less that are sure to make your holiday season thrifty and your shoes bright. 

1. Water + Stain Repellent

Did you know that Water + Stain Repellent is our flagship product? This is by far the most popular item we sell, and it only costs $20. Trust me, that’s a pretty darn good value for what you’re getting. Our Repellent works effectively to protect your favorite shoes from water damage and stains. Just one can is enough to protect multiple pairs of shoes, giving this product immense long-term value. 

Just think of all of the money you’ll save on shoe care by preventing your shoes from stains and damage. All for just $20? Sign me up!


2. Crease Protectors

Coming in at $17, our Crease Protectors are the best way to stop your favorite shoes from creasing. Whether you’re buying a gift for that sneaker lover in your life, or you’ve got a pair that you just can’t bear to crease, Crease Protectors are a fantastic choice. 

 Just slide them into the front of your shoes and watch the creases disappear. This is perfect for those with large collections, as they can be easily swapped from shoe to shoe.

 Say goodbye to creases forever with this perfect holiday gift! This was an easy one to recommend for our list of the best holiday gifts under $20. 


3. Sneaker Wipes

The next product on our list of the best holiday gifts under $20 is our Sneaker Wipes. These powerful, portable cleaning wipes come in a pack of 24 for only $18! That’s less than $1 per wipe! And not to brag, but these bad boys just made their primetime debut on the Today Show.

Sneaker Wipes feature two different sides, one textured and the other smooth, to provide the most effective and efficient clean possible. They are the perfect gift for someone who likes to travel or is always in need of some on-the-go shoe cleaning action. 

Another great way to gift Sneaker Wipes for the holiday’s is to use them as stocking stuffers. Buy a box or two and split them up between the shoe lovers in your life! Everyone gets a wipe! 


4. Shoe Trees

This one might sound a little boring, but hear me out: Shoe Trees are really important! In order to keep your shoes in tip-top shape, you need to store them and wash them with Shoe Trees. Our Shoe Trees are adjustable to fit your sizing needs, and come in just under that $20 price point. 

This won’t be the flashiest gift in the world, but it’s one of the more useful items you’re going to find in any holiday gift guide for under $20. 


5. Dry Suede Kit

Like the first item on our best holiday gifts for under $20, the last item is exactly $20, but boy is it a good one! The Dry Suede Kit is the most efficient (and cost effective) way to clean your suede shoes. 

Does Dad have a pair of suede wingtips he can’t keep clean? How about your spouse’s suede heels? The Dry Suede Kit was designed to clean your suede AND make it feel soft. That one-two punch makes this an easy choice as one of the best holiday gifts for under $20. 


See it? Like it? Want it? You got it! 

Save your wallet, save some time, and save your shoes. Your holiday gift-buying just got a lot easier, and a heck-of-a lot cheaper, too. Don’t see a gift here that catches your eye? Check out the rest of the great shoe care items we have in stock, or opt for a gift card (we won’t judge you if you do). 

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