2023 Gym Shoe Trends

2023 Gym Shoe Trends

Gym Shoes aren't just running sneakers and athletic footwear anymore.. Take your lifestyle kicks for a spin on your next workout and stay up to date with the trends! 


Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 Vintage: Style:BQ6806

The Nike Blazer Mid is arguably one of the most popular gym shoes in the world right now. If you walk into any gym you will see a minimum of 2-3 people wearing these iconic kicks. The Nike Blazer was originally released in 1973 as Nike’s first ever Basketball shoe. It was named after the Portland Trail Blazers because of the NBA team being closest to the Nike Headquarters in Beaverton Oregon.

The Nike Blazer Mid recently had a resurgence in popularity due to TikTok creators creating content hyping up the shoe as the “Ideal Gym Sneaker”. The shoes sleek design and flat sole allow for versatile use in the gym, allowing weightlifters to perform any exercise while producing maximum force through the ground. This shoe checks all the boxes when it comes to the Ideal gym shoe.


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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star: Style: M9160

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star has been a staple in the gym for decades. The Chuck Taylor All star was originally created in 1917 as a Basketball shoe for the company converse. Basketball was gaining popularity fast and the brand saw an opportunity to venture into a new market space. Since its creation over one hundred years ago it is still the best selling basketball shoe of all time with over 60% of all Americans having owned a pair at least once in their lifetime.

This shoe is 100% the most popular gym shoe. The Converse All Stars timeless design seems to go with every fit inside and outside of the gym. The flat sole allows for maximum power output while lifting while also coming in hundreds of different colorways for whatever mood you are in that day. This shoe is #1 and will continue to be for decades to come.

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New Balance 550: Style:BB550STF

The New Balance 550 has become a staple within the sneaker industry. Over the past few years it has been gaining more and more popularity because of its simple yet stylish design with many different colorways. A recent surge of popularity has come from Taylor Swift wearing the red and white colorway to a Chiefs game supporting her now boyfriend Travis Kelce. These shoes were originally created in 1989 in order for New Balance to keep up with the trend of low top basketball shoes.

The recurring theme with all of these trending gym sneakers is the flat bottoms on the shoe. The flat bottoms are optimal for weight training as it allows the most force production out of the ground which allows the athlete to move as much weight for as many reps as possible. The New Balance 550 is no exception to this. The shoe also has a classic look that can go with any outfit for a reasonable price of $110. Every sneakerhead should have at least one pair of these in their collection. 

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Nike Dunk Low: Style: DD1391-100

The Nike Dunk is arguably the hottest shoe of 2023. With hundreds of different colorways and new releases coming out each week the sneaker is still selling out drop after drop after drop. The Nike dunk was originally released in August of 1985 as a basketball sneaker with technology designed to pivot on a dime, and look good while doing it as the sneaker resembles the Nike Air Jordan 1 and the Air Force 1. A few years later the Nike Dunk took over the skateboarding industry. Skateboarders loved the Nike Dunk and it reigned king as the shoe of the industry for most of the 1990’s. Then in the 2000’s the infamous Sandy Bodecker took control of the Nike SB product line and the Nike SB dunks were created and spread like wildfire. The Dunk was the best shoe for skaters technologically at the time while also maintaining a lifestyle look that could be used at the skatepark or a date night out. The Nike dunk was revolutionary to the sneaker industry and is still one of the most sought after shoes of 2023.

The same reason that skaters love the Nike dunk is exactly why gym goers also love the shoe. The simplistic design comes in many different color ways to go with whatever outfit you are wearing. It has a supportive heel with a flat sole that allows for the best and most stable weightlifting conditions and is not to mention much more comfortable than a lot of the flat bottom option shoes out there. There is a reason why it is the hottest shoe of the year and it is because it checks off every box of why someone would buy a shoe. It is comfortable, stylish, and practical, what more could someone ask for?

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