Player Exclusive UNC Jordans
If you are a fan of basketball or sports in general you probably know that The University of North Carolina was Michael Jordans home for three years. From 1981 to 1984 Michael played 101 games and scored 1,788 points. In 1993  The University of North Carolina became sponsored by Jordan brand, which had every athlete and coach at the university fully dripped out in Jordan gear. With N Carolina having such a deep rooted connection to Michael Jordan they also get a lot of custom color ways and designs that are not given to the public. These player exclusive (PE) are some of the most well sought after sneakers in the world so, we collected a handful of our favorite PE's from over the years and showcased them here, so let us know how we did.

Air Jordan 5 x UNC 2021

Football Team Exclusive


Air Jordan 6 x UNC 2022

Football Team Exclusive


Air Jordan 1 Low x UNC 2023

Football Team Exclusive


Air Jordan 3 x UNC 2018

Mens Basketball Team Exclusive


Air Jordan 13 Low x UNC 2023

March Madness Mens Basketball Gift


Air Jordan 4 x UNC 2013

Mens Basketball Team Exclusive

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