The Benefits Of Protecting Your Favorite Shoes

The Benefits Of Protecting Your Favorite Shoes

As a sneakerhead we can all relate to the frustration we feel when there is a stain on our brand new pair of sneakers. Whether you tripped and dropped your coffee, split some water at a restaurant or someone ran your foot over with a shopping cart. Now all of these stains are inevitable, but there is a way to get ahead of the game with your shoes.  


Picture it... You just unboxed your latest pick up (that hopefully you got at retail from SNKRS) or you finally saved up enough money to buy your holy grail. Now we know you'll be excited to put these straight on, but we have one step you need to complete before you lace them up and head to town.  Grab Reshoevn8r's Water + Stain Repellent and apply 2-3 coats for the ultimate protection. 

The best way to apply Water + Stain Repellent:  

For the best results you want to apply the Repellent to a clean sneaker. Such as one fresh out of the box or one that you previously cleaned... If this is a shoe you cleaned ALWAYS make sure the shoe is dry before completing this step. We recommend holding the can 6-8 inches from the shoe. You can either have the shoe in your hand or on a table. However, the most important thing is that this is applied outside or in a well ventilated area.. This is a flammable product and it can be pretty strong, so do not spray it inside. 

While applying make sure to rotate the sneaker to get every piece of fabric on the uppers, you want to make sure this is evenly applied to the entire shoe. We recommend 2-3 coats per application. Pro tip: let the sneaker dry for 5-10 minutes prior to applying additional coats. 

Once applied it will keep your shoes protected from stains for the next 2-3 weeks depending on wear. Just like sunscreen you will want to reapply to avoid any mishaps. 

Water and Stain Repellent Directions

 The Benefits of Water + Stain Repellent: 

Our Repellent is known as the invisible forcefield for your shoes. The key benefit is obviously keeping your sneakers free of stains and water damage. However, there are more.. This Repellent can help extend the life of your sneakers. Yes, not having stains help, but this ultimately protects the materials from any damage. When we are looking at suede or nubuck sneakers; water damage can be the end for them, but with Repellent you can avoid that. 

On top of protecting your materials and shoes it is easy to use, fast drying, highly effective and one can of Repellent can protect over 12 pairs of shoes. 

But we don't stop at shoes.. This can be applied to your favorite hats, handbags and more as well. 


 Materials to use this on: 

This product is designed and works best for certain materials such as suede or nubuck. Since those are the hardest materials to clean it is even more important to keep them protected. However, it can also work on mesh, knit, canvas and satin. 

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