$600 Super Bowl GIVEAWAY!

$600 Super Bowl GIVEAWAY!

Superbowl weekend is officially here!

In honor of the big game we are giving away a HUGE prize! Get ready to take home over $600 worth of RESHOVEN8R product and rock clean shoes for all of 2024. Entering is easy; use the link below to join the RESHOEVN8TION by dropping your email. Plus earn a bonus entry if you sign up for SMS too! Don't wait you only have 3 days!

Not only do you get entered into our "Super Bowl ring" giveaway, but by joining our newsletter you are signing up for exclusive discounts, content, and so much more! The prizes include the following RESHOEVN8R products! 

  • Our Travel collection (Valued at over $400) 
  • Our Flagship Signature Shoe Cleaning Bundle (Valued at $120) 
  • Our Water + Stain Repellent (2 pack) 
  • 24 Sneaker Wipes for on the go cleaning

Rocking clean sneakers is essentially the same feeling you get when you win that Super Bowl Ring! Plus head over to our Instagram and cast your vote on the story for who's taking home the ring this Super Bowl! 

Good luck! We will be announcing the winner on 2/13 via email, so make sure you check that inbox. 


Giveaway is US Only due to shipping and products available. 

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