$40 UNC Jordan 6 Restoration

$40 UNC Jordan 6 Restoration


This Vick almighty restoration was done on a pair of 2017 UNC Jordan 6’s. This colorway is based off of the University of North Carolina’s school colors. Jordan Brand and the University of North Carolina have been interlinked since the very beginning. With Michael Jordan going to the University of North Carolina for three years, and the school being the first in history to be sponsored by Jordan it is no surprise that every UNC colorway that comes out is extremely sought after. We picked up these busted 6’s on ebay for only 40 bucks and we are going to put Vick’s restoration skills to the test because these shoes need to have a full midsole and accent repaint, unyellowing of the soles, and a deep clean on the uppers.



Vick starts off the restoration by cleaning the uppers of the shoe. He uses an air compressor to get off any of the surface level dirt and debris from the uppers and inside of the shoe. Vick then uses the Reshoevn8r Signature Revive Bundle to clean the shoe and unyellow the soles. This bundle contains the Signature Kit that comes with our Soft, Medium, and Stiff Bristle Brush, Cleaning Solution, Microfiber Towel, Laundry Bag, pair of Shoe Trees, and Sole Revive. Vick uses the soft bristle brush on the uppers and delicate materials, medium brush on the midsole, back tabs, and tongue and lastly the stiff brush on the sole’s to give this shoe a much needed clean. Vick then put these shoes into the washing machine using the Reshoevn8r laundry bag and pods to get them all prepped for this restoration.



To Start off this restoration Vick uses the Reshoevn8r Sole Revive on the bottoms of these shoes to unyellow the soles. He had to repeat the reapplication process of the sole revive for 4 days to get the soles completely back to their original coloring. Next Vick used acetone and cotton balls on the midsole of the shoe to remove all of the old paint. In order to make sure that the new paint being put on looks like the originals it is a necessity to remove the old paint. This makes sure that there is not any weird layering with the different paints and so that the new paint sticks to the midsole like it is supposed to. Adding the black and Carolina blue paint is such a difficult process that takes a lot of precision while painting ,but Vick does a great job making it seem effortless. Then to protect the paint on these 6’s Vick sprays some matte finish on the midsoles to make sure that his new paint job stays.



To Finish this restoration Vick adds some Mink Oil to the uppers. This amazing product revives the color in suede giving some of the most trashed sneakers we see here at Reshoevn8r new life. This simple yet effective tool is essential for any sneakerheads collection to make sure all of your suede shoes are as fresh as possible. Just like that the restoration is complete, to see the results for yourself click the link below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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