We are excited to introduce you to the Reshoevn8r Executive Club, and offer you a chance to begin your entrepreneurial journey.

This subscription based membership was created for all of you sneaker fanatics who want to generate an additional revenue stream and start your own shoe cleaning business for only $250! Times are tough right now, but the future is looking CLEAN.

What comes with with my membership?


Executive Cleaning Kit - $249.00

Reshoevn8r Executive Kit: Our most comprehensive cleaning bundle, valued at nearly $310. Includes carrying case for easy transport. Click Add to Cart below to purhcase the Kit and Membership or you can purchase just the kit here.


  • 1x 16 ox Cleaning Solution
  • 1x Sneaker Laundry Pods
  • 2x Water + Stain Repellent
  • 1x Dry Suede Kit
  • 2x Sneaker Laundry Bag
  • 2x Microfiber Towel
  • 1x Cleaning Mat
  • 1x Drying Rack & Bowl Combo
  • 4x Cleaning Brushes
  • 1x Shoe Trees (Pair)
  • 24x Sneaker Wipes
  • 1x Sole Shields


Executive Club Membership (auto renew 30 days) - $14.99

Created with young entrepreneurs in mind, the Executive Club Membership offers a number of resources and benefits to help you turn a profit! You can also purchase just the Executive Membership without needing to get the kit for $29.99 per month from here.


  • Exclusive discounts to keep your operating costs low
  • The opportunity to become a Certified Shoe Care Specialist
  • Exclusive training guide and members-only tips and tricks from Vick Almighty
  • Limited Edition Reshoevn8r products and gear available only to club members
  • In-depth "How to" video guides
  • Personalized business cards and example price list
  • Dedicated support
  • Business development resources
  • In order to hold a valid Executive Membership you must have purchased at least one Executive Cleaning Kit
  • By purchasing this Executive Membership Bronze Tier you hereby certify you are over the age of 18 yrs old as of the date of purchase

Executive Club Members will have exclusive access to the following members-only Reshoevn8r products:

Frequently Asked Questions

No unfortunately you would need to be a member to become a certified shoe care specialist.

The product discount is 20%

Once you purchase a membership, you must retain it for at least 4 months after purchase. After that time, you can cancel.

The certification exam is challenging if you are unfamiliar with our products and the proper cleaning techniques when cleaning different materials. However we do provide all of the information to pass the exam in our training manual, so as long as the training manual is studied you should learn everything you need to know to pass the exam.

You can create your own website and social media accounts but without jeopardizing our brand and trademark guidelines. This means you can create your own website and social media pages but you can't use "Reshoevn8r" as part of the name. For instance you could create a website and IG page called "Joe's Shoe Cleaning" but you cannot use a name like "Reshoevn8r Custom Shoe Cleaning" However in the tagline you could say Joe's Shoe Cleaning - Powered by Reshoevn8r.

Yes we offer the executive kit for those that want to be able to take advantage of using all of the products without subscribing to the membership

Yes you can subscribe at a later date if you like to take advantage of the benefits from the membership program.

You need to be 18 to be an actual member


Our Executive Club Membership is only available to customers 18 years old and above, and by checking this box you certify that you are older than 18 years of age.