Sole Shields 3-Pack

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Our Sole Shields are made to protect shoe soles from stains/light wear and come with traction pads for a safe grip. Sole Shields can be easily removed without leaving any residue and are made to outlast at 20,000 steps and can fit up to a men's size 13. In order to protect shoe soles and apply Sole Shields on your favorite shoes, you will need a heat gun, scissors, and a pen.

This Pack Includes:

  • 6 Sole Shields sheets (clear)
  • 12 Traction Pads (clear)
  • 6 Prep-Cleaning Pads (contain alcohol)
*Sole Shields come in sheets, and you will customize the fit according to the shoe you apply them to. We recommend watching a how-to video before attempting for the first time: *Not recommended for running shoes such as Ultra Boosts, NMDs, or custom painted soles/midsoles. 

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