There’s more than one way to show your allegiance to sneaker culture. Some spend entire paychecks on new releases, others choose to get INKED. The difference between a pair of kicks and a tattoo is that one is a lifetime investment with zero return. You may be able to cash out on a vintage pair of kicks but what should you do if you're stuck with a distasteful tattoo. Laser removal is pricey and cover-ups tend to have a minimal effect. Hopefully you won’t find yourself on our list of the worst sneaker tattoos in existence!
We’ve all heard the song…….The Pack’s 2007 hit single, “Vans” can be accredited for a generation of Vans crazed sneakerheads. Their affordability and timeless appeal make them a favorite for sneakerheads across the globe. Does this necessarily warrant the decision to get the song’s hook tattooed on your back? I wouldn't think so but who am I to judge!?
Foot Locker's CEO, Richard Johnson would be proud! Why not tattoo the logo of a company responsible for exploiting millions of sneaker fiends on the back of your neck! The concise image of a referee placing his hands on his sides is representative of a massive sneaker retailer. It would be somewhat settling to know this guy at least worked for Foot Locker at some point in his life!
This shoe tattoo of sneaker boxes isn’t actually too bad. I’d say this was a recent addition, judging by the crisp colors and cement print Jordan box. Choosing to permanently ink a stack of boxes on your leg is a bit odd, but nonetheless a testament to the true sneakerhead within.
So, I get that the Air Jordan 1 is many people’s favorite silhouette. I get that 1985 was a magical time in sneaker history and that this is the shoe that started it all. BUT WHY WOULD SOMEBODY DO THIS?! Maybe I'm biased but this tattoo is not the wave. The black detailing around the toes is downright repulsive. The red around the ankle seems to be fading towards a pinkish color. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in a nice pair of socks.
Saving the best for last, we present a tribute to Nike Sportswear. Just Do It? How about everyone agree to JUST DON'T get any more tattoos like this! This crooked Swoosh must have taken quite a while to shade in. Covering the entirety of his back, I’m sure he feels embarrassed to go swimming.
There’s nothing wrong with getting a tattoo to illustrate your love for kicks. Just be sure before you go under the needle, your decision is well thought out. Consult a skilled tattoo artist to prevent from finding yourself on someone’s worst sneaker tattoos list. There are definitely much better options than the shoe tattoos featured above!

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    Wooooow! lol this was insane, I never knew it got that serious or that bad!

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