Will Adidas Confirmed Fail Us All?

Every season is Yeezy Season! October 15th the Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Chocolate is scheduled to drop at select Adidas retailers. Unless you live in one of the designated cities, know someone at a boutique, or have a BOT, consider yourself screwed. In theory, the Adidas Confirmed app sounds great. Just download the application, select your size, and wait for the confirmation email, right? WRONG! Time and time again, this process is interrupted by technical difficulties and malfunctions. Rarely has the app functioned smoothly, allowing a fair and just distribution of sneakers.
Nationwide frustration has discouraged millions of users from attempting to secure a pair. This is extremely ironic, considering Adidas Confirmed was designed to create a more equal playing field. For those of us like myself who don’t live in New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago, what are we to do? Excluded from the advantages of the app, my chances are severely limited. As for my plugs in major cities, hopefully, Adidas has worked out some of the kinks!
Sure there’ll be a few lucky customers who make it through the “Hold Tight” screen but is it worth the agony?! In some cases, it is, especially if you can avoid chaotic lines and sneaker hysteria. Personally, I couldn’t grow emotionally invested in something that’s destined to crash. October 15th is right around the corner. Hopefully, your eggs aren't in one basket, increasing your chances of winning big!

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