Vans Desert Embellish Pack

Did you catch the latest Vans drop? The Vans Desert Embellish Pack was one of the hottest drops from the California-based skate company in years! This 3 silhouette collection placed an artistic spin on a few timeless classics. The Vans Slip on, Era, and Old Skool each featured embroidered detailing that's characteristic of a desert setting. Each monochromatic offering has been offset with vibrant stitching and color splashes. Unofrtunltaley larger sizes have sold out, but you should be able to cop most sizes under 7. Would it be out of line to ask for a restock? We think not! 

SNEAKER: Vans Old Skool


SNEAKER: Vans Slip-On 

Is it just me, or does each pair seem like its been individually customized? Every aspect down to the insoles is incredibly detailed. Scorpions, arrows, and even Native American print have found their way onto these kicks. Are these too beautiful to skate in? We hope you aren't hesitant to get your pair dirty. As always, we offer PLENTY of Reshoevn8r products to bring your beaters back to life. It's 2018, and by now you should be ROCKING your kicks. Don't be afraid of a little dirt! 




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