Top 10 Shoe Accessories of 2019

We compiled a list of our favorite shoe accessories for 2019. Don’t sleep on these!

Sneakers by Rodrigo Corral

Although the book came out in 2017, it’s an aesthetically pleasing read, filled with tons of knowledge every sneakerhead should know.

Shoe Trees

Perfect for those sneakers who just can’t hold their shape. Storing shoes with Shoe Trees decreases the effects of creasing and maintains the high level of care that they need. 


Ever wonder what socks all your friends are wearing? It’s Stance. With a multitude of designs there is a look for everyone.


Have fresh smelling feet all year long. Quick way to remove odors and disinfect the insides of your shoes. (We like this lavender scented one.)


You can never go wrong with having extra laces around. We like the colorful Rope Lace Supply ones. Easy to change up the look without changing the shoe.

Travel Kit

Make sure your sneakers stay clean where ever 2019 takes you. This kit is designed to be small, and easy to carry, so you can fit it in your luggage, car or purse.

Boosted Stripes

The ultimate Ultra Boost style booster. Easy to apply and remove; the stickers provide a unique look for those who want to step into 2019 in style.

Sole Shields

Protect your shoes from yellowing when you stock, and from scuffs when you rock. These adhesive protective sheets are great when you want to keep the value of your priced sneakers high.

Fabric Shaver

For those of you who are just starting restorations or can't stand the pesky lint that gets on your sock liners, the link shaver can trim up your sneakers in no time! Just make sure you watch a few tutorials first - like this one.

Fresh Bags

Protect your shoes from yellowing. By vacuum sealing your shoes with this state-of-the-art technology your shoes are defended again the elements that cause oxidation. 

Let us know what your 2019 must-have is? 

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