Top 5 Shoes of 2019 (so far)

Atmos X AM2 Light

“The shoe has a lot of details but it comes together cohesively to make a dope sneaker.” - Mike Rich

Watch Mike Rich's full review here.

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AM 720 Sunrise/ Sunset

“Some people probably really like that, other people are like why would you do that.."           - HesKicks

Watch HesKicks full review here.

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Air Jordan 1 Blue Chill

“That patent leather is popping. The shoe does look good.” - Sniper J0nes

Watch Sniper J0nes full review here.

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Bape X UB 

“Their has been a lot of versions of the UB Bape and today we are going to be mixing them together.” - RetroSnickers

Watch RetroSnickers full custom here.

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Nike Air FOG 1

“The Light Bones have a much more luxurious feel to them.”   - Sean Go

Watch Sean Go's full review here.

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