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Today is #THROWBACKTHURSDAY which means it’s time to reflect on some of the kicks that helped shape sneaker culture! This week we take a look at the Nike Air Trainer. Released in 1987, this sneaker drove Nike in an entirely new direction. Regarded as one of the greatest tennis sneakers of all time, this model was the most advanced athletic sneaker of its time. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, the Nike Air Trainer is just as appealing today as it was during its initial release. In fact, it was featured in Complex’s 25 best tennis shoes of all time. Its innovative construction included a midfoot strap placing it far ahead of its competition.
The Nike Air Trainer was initially worn by former tennis star, John McEnroe. His legacy wearing this sneaker was short lived, or rather overshadowed by superstar, Bo Jackson. Bo’s influence on the Nike Air Trainer is still felt today, through his legendary advertisements and iconic releases. Today they can be found on shelves in a variety of colorways and textures. While they aren’t considered the most advanced performance shoe on the market, the Nike Air Trainer remains at the forefront of fashion. Do you still have a pair in your collection? Spruce them up with our innovative cleaning system and tweet us some pics!
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