Sneaker Style Demographics

Cultural differences are what make our nation so diverse. In terms of sneakers, different regions tend to have their own unique styles. Many sneakerheads can tell where a person is from just by looking at their kicks! Distinguishing styles, colors, and materials are favorable to specific cities or even regions. Highlighting a few key Sneaker Style Demographics could beneficial to expanding your collection.
Taking a journey to the sneaker capital of the world, New York City has a seemingly endless selection of kicks. One of the more stereotypical footwear options is the Timberland 6-inch Work Boot. Although these counter the benefits of wearing a sneaker, it's hard to imagine NYC streets without wheat overlays and waffle soles. Traditionally, Nike’s had the most profound impact in the Big Apple. The classic Air Force One, otherwise known as, “Uptowns” has become a staple sneaker in this region. Observant of this trend, Nike’s released several NYC iterations of this popular 80’s basketball sneaker. While others may argue that NYC Sneaker Culture can’t be confined to a single silhouette, it's easy to identify these a “Sole” favorite.
Moving towards our nation’s capital, Washington, DC has their own unique style of kicks. Anyone who’s native to the DMV area will tell you there are two kinds of sneakers that define their lifestyle. New Balances and Foamposites have a larger influence in this demographic than anywhere else in country! The soft, lightweight qualities of most New Balance models, appeal to the city’s more frequent walkers and commuters. Not to mention the diverse selection of colorways to pair with a Helly Hansen or North Face jacket. Lastly Nike’s Foamposite series is suitable to manage the DMV’s rapidly changing climate. Rain, sleet, or snow, your feet will be well protected from the elements.
Lastly, what better way to close this segment than a quick overview of Los Angeles. You’ve probably taken note of Californian’s tendencies to sport classic, canvas sneakers. Vans and Converse have played a significant role in L.A. street style for decades. However, it's the Nike Cortez that comes to mind when most people think of the West Coast. This popular track shoe became a streetwear favorite, appealing to sneakerheads of all demographics.
In conclusion, sneakers are a huge part of where you’re from. Often times they define your origin, and are a much deeper reflection of your style than you may realize. Be sure to keep an open mind when acquiring kicks and acknowledge the history behind every pair!

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