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2017 has presented some of the most adverse circumstances of the 21st Century. Social, political, economic, and environmental strains have greatly affected our lives. Here at RESHOEV8R, our prayers go out to any and everyone affected by the recent hurricanes. These catastrophic storms have leveled communities and devastated entire populations. With Hurricane Jose remaining a threat in the Western Atlantic, heavy rainfall and tropical storms are inevitable. While we can’t prevent nature from taking its course, our best defense against the elements is PREPARATION. Protect your families, homes, and SNEAKERS. With that being said, we’re proud to announce the return of our WATER + STAIN REPELLENT PUMP SPRAY FOR SHOES!

Our original Water + Stain Repellant has been featured in various tutorials; all of which are accessible via YouTube. When our spray made its debut 2 years ago, the public's response was off the charts! Unfortunately, because it was sold in aerosol cans we were unable to ship outside of the USA. Thanks to our new plastic, pump bottling, we'll be able to ship internationally! 

The Reshoevn8r Water + Stain Repellent Pump Spray boast the same trusted formula, only with a facelift. Each 4 oz bottle is safe to use on canvas, suede, nylon, polyester, mesh, and Flyknit. However, this water-based repellent is not recommended for use on patent leather. Have you picked up a bottle yet.? Drop us a review and let us know if you've got clean kicks!

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