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Nike’s Hyperdunk McFly turned out to be one of the most coveted kicks in sneaker history. Although many original colorways might stand out in our minds, this iteration certainly tops them all. The Nike Hyperdunk McFly remains one of the most sought after kicks in sneaker culture. Released in 2008, the sneaker was limited to only 350 pairs worldwide! Inspired by the Back to the Future series, the shoe included fundamental elements from Marty McFly’s kicks. In fact, the shape, heel counter, and midsole have been influenced by the film. This debut launch was the first official colorway of the Nike Hyperdunk series. Today the Nike Hyperdunk McFly is worth nearly four times its retail value in secondary markets.

The white, blue. and grey upper is met with distinctive flywire paneling. 2015 is included on the tongue, referencing the sneaker’s futuristic nature. The Nike Hyperdunk McFly boasts a grey speckled midsole, characteristic or Marty’s original footwear. In addition, glow in the dark panels strengthened the sneaker’s futuristic vibe. A look inside the shoe reveals graphics from Marty’s hoverboard. Strangely, the Nike Hyperdunk McFly included vibrant pink shoelaces, accompanying its unique packaging. During the shoe’s release Kobe Bryant actually showed up in a Delorean to chalk it up with fans! Sneakerheads were able to take pictures and shake hands with the man who made the Hyperdunk as iconic as it is today. If you’ve got a pair, spruce them up with one of our Reshoevn8r kits and cherish them forever! 


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