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NIKE FLYKNIT TRAINER: 5 Reasons We Love them

Posted by Brandon Ford on

Five years ago, Nike introduced their patented Flyknit Technology. This modern creation was perhaps the sneaker industry’s most groundbreaking advancement since Air Max cushioning. Several years later, new silhouettes have spawned, implementing the famed support system. In recent news, it's been announced that the Air Jordan 1 Bred will reemerge in Flyknit this September. For those who favor Nike’s classic take on Flyknit technology, the original Nike Flyknit Trainer sneakers are scheduled to retro August 24th, for $150 via the Nike SNKRS app. This silhouette has sold for over twice its retail value in secondary markets! What do sneakerheads love so much about the Nike Flyknit Trainer?! We’ve listed a few aspects of the sneaker that might warrant the unrelenting hype surrounding them!

  1. Enhanced fit, Elevated Aesthetics

Although Nike’s Flyknit Racer was the first to debut Flyknit technology, its successor would completely change the game. An enhanced fit and elevated midsole create a much smoother ride. This sleek runner weighs only 7.8 ounces and has a more responsive fit. Likewise, a seamless upper makes the silhouette a desirable option for any athlete.

      2. Made From Recycled Plastic

The construction of Flyknit is a revolutionary process. According to experts, the seamless upper is composed of recycled plastic and polyester. Nike’s environmentally friendly approach to marketing distinguishes the brand as a top contender in the industry. Anytime unparalleled style and innovation become eco-friendly, a classic is born! Going green is a sure way to expand their consumer pool

       3. Versatility

You’ve probably noticed that Flyknit Trainers look just as fly on the street as they do in the gym. The versatility of this sneaker is unmatched. The silhouette is innovative, yet casual enough to be worn with jeans. As sneakerheads, versatility is a quality that often determines our future purchases. Nike’s Flyknit Trainer sneakers seem to have hit the nail on the head.

          4. Dope Colorways

Our fourth reason is largely related to our third. Dope colorways undoubtedly fuel the hype surrounding this sneaker. Colorways range from the most subtle, to completely vibrant. The classic oreo iteration, could literally compliment any outfit. Releasing in just a matter of days, will this be a sneaker you’ll get your hands on?

       5. KANYE

Lastly, we must attribute this sneaker’s appeal to perhaps the most influential man in the world. Once upon a time, Mr. West wore a “Swoosh” on his chest. Long before his Adidas YZY Season creations, Kanye was all things NIKE. Hopefully you haven’t forgotten that the first two Yeezys were Nike products. In addition to sporting those, Kanye often cherished less hyped silhouettes. The Nike Flyknit Trainer happened to be one of his favorites. Having been spotted wearing them on numerous occasions, it wasn’t long before this offering became a hot commodity. You may be reluctant to admit his influence, but chances are this training sneaker wouldn’t be retroing next week had it not been for Kanye.


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