Meet Tony D2 Wild

Where are you from and where do you live currently?

I am from Los Angeles currently living in Atlanta, Georgia

What was the first pair of sneakers you ever had?

It's hard to remember that but some of my first Jordans ever was when I was 5 years old Jordan 11 Low IE

What got you into sneakers?

I would say fashion and clothes in general, the ability to pick a pair of shoes and style it any way you want and being able to express yourself from the kicks you're wearing.

What is the most you spent on a sneaker?

$600 Vapormax x Off White

What is the dirtiest shoe you own?

Honestly I don't have many dirty sneakers haha, I have OCD so when they get dirty I run to get my Reshoevn8r.

What sneaker brand is your favorite and why?

Nike, they are the grandfather of everything they have had their hands on the wheel of sneakers, sports, and fashion for many years and they have always excel aesthetically.

What's is your favorite "youtube/IG" to follow?

It's hard to say honestly because I follow alot of people sneakers, Fashion, Tech ETC... To name a few, Bull1trc, Qias Omar, Kustoo, J23 App, Sneaker News, SneakerCon, ahhh I can keep going on and on I now I am going to feel bad I missed people.

Any upcoming events, collaborations coming up that you want the people to know about?

I will be at the upcoming Sneakercon's Internationally as well as the BIG Sneakercon in NY. Also ComplexCon I will be there

What is your favorite Reshoevn8r product and why?

Water Repellent is #1 if you have start with the Water + Stain Repellent and keep a good layer on then you don't have to worry about them getting dirty in the first place to where you have to do some extensive cleaning.

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