Meet Harrison

Where are you from and where do you live currently?

I am from Atlanta, Georgia and I still live here! Have been here my whole life. 

What was the first pair of sneakers you ever had?

First pair of Jordans I can remember was a pair of Jordan 19 Bred which came out in 2004 so I was about 9 years old. 

What got you into sneakers?

What got me into sneakers was just always trying to have the coolest sneakers at school and always trying to one up my friends. 

What is the most you spent on a sneaker?

$3800 is the most I've spent on one sneaker which was a Yeezy 2 Solar, but I bought it to trade for a sneaker mystery box.

What is the dirtiest shoe you own?

My Nike Blazers in Black and White are my everyday shoe so they are the dirtiest.

What sneaker brand is your favorite and why?

I would say currently Jordan Brand is at the top of my list because they have been continuing to come out with great retros.

What's is your favorite "YouTuber/Instagramer" to follow?

My favorite YouTubers to watch right now are Kian And JC, but they are not a sneaker related channel just really funny. 

Any upcoming events, collaborations coming up that you want the people to know about?

I will be traveling around a good bit in the next few months just like New York and Los Angeles but not for any specific event!

What is your favorite Reshoevn8r product and why?

The sneaker cleaning wipes are my favorite because It helps me not really worry when using sneakers day to day because if a little spill happens I can wipe it off clean!

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