June Employee of the Month: Jonny

Reshoevn8r Jonny Bubbles


You all may know Jonny as the happy and GIF-able Jonny Bubbles from our cleaning videos, but here at Reshoevn8r we appreciate him for much more. He is the “Huddle Leader” and every morning starts the team’s day with an energizing ice breaker and motivational attitude. Although officially, Jonny is Reshoevn8r’s Operations Manager – aka “Are you happy you got your product?”, thank Jonny!  He makes sure that every item with the Reshoevn8r label on it, makes it from our warehouse to your home to enjoy. That is a pretty big deal! Going above and beyond his job description Jonny also assists with our customer service training (he is the resident “nice guy”) and brings joy and positivity to the entire office! We are thrilled to have Jonny as a part of our Reshoevn8r family!  

Jonny’s Favorite Sneaker:  Air Jordan 4 Bred ‘99
Jonny’s Favorite Reshoevn8r Memory: Placing his first order as a customer of Reshoevn8r for a Sneaker Laundry System and Steve sending him a 2 Shoe Laundry System because he was local.
 Why Jonny’s Co-Workers Nominated Him:
 “Stays late and comes in early to make sure everything is taken care of”
“His positive attitude is pleasant and enjoyable to be around”
“He is an incredibly hard worker and is passionate about this company”
“He is willing to lend a hand, and help with whatever is necessary”
“Jonny is the heart of the company”
“He is invested in the growth of his teammates”
Thank you Jonny Bubbles for being a part of our team! 


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