How to Clean White Vans

The classic summer shoe that resides in almost every closet. Today, we are cleaning the White Vans Slip-On. White shoes show dirt more than any other, but you can make them bright and clean again in no time! 

Step 01

Insert plastic shoe trees. These are great for cleaning cause they provide the support and won't get warped by water, like wood.

Step 02

Dilute our solution with water in a bowl. Dip in a brush, starting with the softest and scrub the entire canvas of the shoe in circular motions.

Quick Tip: Stubborn stains can be removed with the Medium Brush. Scrub in circular motions with the non-toxic cleaner, for an effective, worry free clean.

How to know which brush to use?

Soft Brush is great to start with on canvas.

Medium Brush is good for midsole and uppers.

Stiff Brush is great for the  soles.

Step 03

Finish cleaning the shoe using the medium and stiff brushes on the midsole and soles.

Step 04

Place shoes in a laundry bag (soles touching) and put in washing machine using dye free detergent and a cold, normal cycle.

Remove promptly from the washer and let air dry. Then rock those white shoes! 

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