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This week we take a look at the Nike Air Max 180 retro sneakers. Released in 1991, these classic Nike running shoes are now perceived as an underrated classic. During this time period, the visible Air Max unit was evidence of a modern advancement. In fact, the Nike Air Max 180 had an air unit that was 50% larger than previous models. It even featured an inner sleeve that stretched to match the shape of the foot. It was deemed the most comfortable running sneaker of its time by editorials such as Runner's World. The Nike Air Max 180 was released in a small handful of colors. Surprisingly, it only remained on the market for a year despite Nike’s extensive advertising campaign. Its basketball counterpart was worn by NBA Dream Team scoring leader, Charles Barkley.

Today if you have a pair of Nike Air Max 180’s you should hold on to them. They retroed once as a Quickstrike but that was less than satisfying. If you’re feeling creative you can customize the Nike Air Max 180 over at NikeiD. This timeless release from Nike remains a favorite amongst OG collectors. It would be in Nike’s best interest to consider dropping these in the near future. Tweet us some pics of the Nike Air Max 180 and stay tuned for more sneaker news.  


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