Flashback Friday: Saucony Jazz

Flashback Friday: Saucony Jazz

Posted by Brandon Ford on

When it comes to quality you can't top the classics. For example, the Saucony Jazz was and is one of the most quality insured sneakers on the market. In fact, an article in the Consumer Reports gave the Saucony Jazz it’s “Best Buy” rating. Consequently, sales flew through the roof and Saucony was on the rise. Released in 1981, this silhouette catered to runners who desired a more cushioned ride. A Podiatrist recommended Maxitrac Outsole is undoubtedly the selling point of this sneaker. In the early 1980’s, the Saucony Jazz was far ahead of its time.    

The aesthetic of this shoe has made it appealing for over 30 years. Today the Saucony Jazz has been reworked dozens of times. Some of the dopest makeovers are the result of street wear collabs. Exotic materials and overlays often add much-needed flavor to this classic release. While there are far more advanced running kicks on the market, there’s nothing wrong with revisiting a timeless shoe. If you have a pair of the Saucony Jazz sitting around, be sure to give them the cleaning treatment!


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