Distressed Soles

Distressed Soles

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Long before the commencement of Yeezy Season, distressed clothing has been a fashion statement. Jeans, jackets, hats and even t-shirts have been subjected to the impoverished/worn look. It wasn’t until a few years ago that distressed kicks became a reality. Rather than let nature take its course, many sneakerheads prefer a more precisely weathered sneaker. Below are some of the most widely recognized distressed soles to hit the market.
SNEAKER: Air Jordan 1 “AJKO” Chicago
The Air Jordan 1 was once a go-to option for 1980’s Skateboarders. Considering these were the days before RESHOE8VN8R, it wasn’t uncommon to see a yellowed pair of Chicago Bulls themed 1’s. Recreating this occurrence, Jordan Brand released the Air Jordan 1 AJKO with a noticeably dirty midsole and outsole.
SNEAKER: Air Jordan V Dark Army (2009)
In 2009, Jordan Brand did away with the icy soles mantra. Equipped with pre-yellowed soles, there was no need to watch your step. Contrasting with the pristine, white patent leather, the outsole was both eye-catching and bizarre.
SNEAKER: Converse Chuck Taylor High Distressed Denim
Distressed Denim has been around for ages. Why not complete the look with a rugged pair of kicks? Chuck Taylors are already highly susceptible to tears, making this rendition even more practical. In 2011 streetwear found an excellent companion.
SNEAKER: Vans Sk8 Hi Overwashed
Have you ever washed a pair of Vans? Chances are if you have, they probably look like this. Somewhere along the line consumers acquired a liking for this look, thus the release of the Vans Sk8 Hi Overwashed. The collection included a variety of colorways, spanning their famed silhouettes.
SNEAKER:Raf Simons Distressed Stan Smith
Lastly, who other than fashion icon, Raf Simons to chime in on the distressed footwear craze? Pictured above is the Raf Simons Stan Smith collection. Retailing at $400, you’ll have to pay a pretty penny for this look. Strangely, there haven’t been many distressed sole sightings in 2017. Could this trend have officially died out? If dirty sneakers have never been your preference, pick up a RESHOEVN8R cleaning kit and stay fresh!
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