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The most talked about NBA prospect in the history of basketball has officially launched his signature line with a new sports apparel company. The Key word here is PROSPECT. By now you’ve read all about the BALL family and their impact on the commercialized sector of the game of basketball. Lonzo Ball is the first NBA draft PROSPECT to have his own brand and his own sports apparel company. Choosing to become an entrepreneur rather than an endorser, this young baller has a strategic approach to marketing himself. Truthfully, none of this would be possible without the brazenness of his father, Lavar Ball. Chances are you’ve heard more about him than Lonzo. His outrageous antics have managed to rattle the sneaker industry and cause quite an uproar. After a humiliating response to the brand’s Billion Dollar pitch to leading sneaker companies, Big Baller Brand is officially flying solo! Here are some of the hottest items from BBB!
PRODUCT:  Longsleeve Tee
PRICE: $57
Who other than LAVAR BALL, himself to model the classic long sleeve Big Baller Brand tee. Complete with gold branding across the chest, why not look like money if you’re so willing to dish it out?!
PRODUCT: Classic BBB Tee
PRICE: $50
What could be more iconic than a classic BBB t-shirt? For $50 you’re owning a piece of history, or possibly being a careless consumer. Maybe consider this a collector's item. Should the Ball Family become legendary, this shirt will likely triple in value.
PRODUCT: Special Edition Leather Hat
PRICE: $100
A $100, LEATHER snapback. There should be an age restriction for purchasing this hat because I’ve literally never met anyone under 40 who owns a leather hat! Branding is found on the side and front, contrasting nicely with the leather panels.
PRICE: $220
Yes, they cost MORE than Gucci Flip Flops. Nice try, but there’s nothing about these slides that warrant such a hefty price. According to the BBB, a Microfiber footbed and python texture upper make these worth the cash. I’m confident most people will stick to Nike or Adidas slides, nice try.
PRICE: $495-$695
FOUR HUNDRED NINETY-FIVE DOLLARS! This is the cost of NBA prospect, Lonzo Ball’s first signature sneaker. Brace yourselves for a $200 price hike if you wear an extended size! Would you spend nearly half a rack on a sneaker by somebody who hasn’t even reached the big stage yet? Aside from an almost identical color pallette, the ZO2’s are far too similar to Nike’s Kobe line. Sneaker analyst even cite Adidas for the sneaker’s midsole indentations. Has BBB officially crossed the line? If you do pick up a pair of these, make sure you grab some of our all natural shoe cleaner to keep these fresh kicks clean.
According to FATHER Ball, “If you can’t afford the ZO2’s you’re NOT a BIG BALLER.” Welcome to the family everyone!

Photo Courtesy: BBB

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