April Employee of the Month: Hayden

Reshoevn8r Father and Son Video

Hayden works hard at building the products and kits that you all love. Whether it is sleeving Sole Shields into their packaging, or keeping up with the high demand of Ultimate Kits, Hayden is a speed machine for making Reshoevn8r best sellers. He goes above and beyond in his job, including stepping in on phone calls when we were short a customer service representative, or jumping in playing Steve’s “son” for a YouTube video. Hayden is an all around great team member, always cheerful and happy to lend a helping hand.

Hayden’s Favorite Sneaker: 2013 White Cement 3's
Hayden’s Favorite Memory at Reshoevn8r: Going to LA for All-Star Weekend
Why Hayden's Co-Workers Nominated Him:
“He puts himself out there and gives it his best”
“Hayden has stepped up to do other jobs, so the rest of us can continue to do our jobs”
“He follows through and communicates well”
“He cares, and that is infectious”
“He is always positive and happy, as well as motivated which can influence others on the team”
Thank you Hayden for always “putting your best foot forward.”

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  • Marisa

    IM SO PROUD OF YOU DUDE! Keep up the great work! – Big Sis

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